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*Land Purchase for R.A.U. Complete*

R.A.U. Land-South Sudan in the Background

Our Lord is to be Praised!

*Update October 2012: We were able to purchase an adjoining 2.5 acres between our land and road giving us much more road frontage for future ministry facilities, e.g. school and medical. We also purchased another 2.5 acres which squares up our land and gives room for more growth. R.A.U. now has 17 acres to use for God’s glory!


I am very grateful for each of you who have prayed and given so that we were able to take a very important step in Reaching Africa’s Unreached (R.A.U.) goal to extend the Lord’s fame in North Uganda, Northeast Democratic Republic of Congo, the new forming nation of South Sudan, and further into North Africa.

The Lord has granted success in in the signing over and purchase of 12 acres which is 1 mile from the Uganda/South Sudan border and 5 miles from Moyo North Uganda. There was a lot of preliminary work which needed to be done in Kampala. The signing itself took a full day…lots of fodder for good stories…  :-) . The signing ( R.A.U. staff, land owner,local political leaders, several village elders) began smoothly until the last two elders refused to sign off on the paperwork and left upset…in a short matter of time a large crowd had gathered under a nearby Mango tree … then there was a very, very long and heated discussion. This is Patrick’s description of the event: “it was like trying to milk a Hyena” :-) !! All the neighbors wanted to know how much the money the land owner was receiving and were demanding to have some of the money given to them. It ended up that we did not get the two last elders signatures. We had enough signatures without them. We gave no money to the two elders or neighbors. Long story short, and I have some to tell, the 12 acres now belongs to R.A.U.. Our Lord surely has been with us!!!! Thank you for prayers and gifts!!!

What a beautiful and rugged piece of property…full of potential as a tool to get the gospel out! We have sited out our Guest House,Bible Training Center, Orphan Care Center, Christian Day School, and Medical/Dental Clinic. It looks as doors to South Sudan as well as the rest of North Uganda and Northeast Democratic Republic of Congo and further regions Northward are wide open!!! The Lord is good and His timing is always perfect. What a privilege to be a part of what God is doing in this part of the world. The harvest here is truly great and labors are so very,very few.

Our first project is to get a fence around the property to help keep out encroachment and squatters. There are many beautiful trees,Teak,Sayre,Mango, and Mahogany on the property which are very tempting for thieves to cut down and sell. Then we will proceed, as the Lord enables, to drill water wells, build the R.A.U. Guest House (this is where Carol and I will live) and a hall for The Bible Training Center. We would like to call the  teaching hall: “The Hall of Tyrannus” (See:Acts 19:10). Next, as the Lord provides,we will work on getting the Medical/Dental Clinic, Orphanage, and Christian Day School up and running. We realize this will take a lot of money but we know our Lord is able to provide. He has been confirming each step of the way by providing through His faithful stewards—people like you!

Lord willing, I will be taking a number of 4-8 week ministry and building trips until the Guesthouse is finished.  Please keep believing God with us that He will enable all that He has put into our hearts for His glory and fame!

With Great Appreciation,

Jacob Lee

Walking the R.A.U. Land

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