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*Pictures: General*

R.A.U.’s 12 acres-South Sudan in the background
R.A.U. Literature Distribution to Pastors
One of R.A.U.’s many Pastor’s Conferences
North Ugandan Church



Pastor’s Conference

Carol getting some cooking tips

Gathering for a Crusade

Home to home witnessing

Preaching at a secondary school

Preaching at a school

Home to home witnessing

Moyo North Uganda

Getting ready to show the "Jesus" videoGetting ready to show the

“Jesus” film

The women work very hard!

Michael and Nora with their son Jeremiah

Abraham and Margaret with one of their five sons

North Ugandan Village

South Sudanese Church

Uganda/South Sudan border

Moyo Crusade

Ugandan/South Sudan border guards

Bush Driving

Bush Driving

Meat market

Kampala taxi center

Newly saved witch doctor

South Sudanese receiving a John Piper book

Village Preaching

On the Nile

The Bukenya Family

Nurse Sam with some South Sudanese children

Pastor’s conference (Men are holding a C.J. Mahaney book)Moyo airstrip

Moyo Crusade

Pastor Abraham

South Sudanese Family

Preaching at a School

Home to home witnessing

Largest Mosque in East Africa

South Sudanese church leaders

Praising the Lord in South Sudan

Pastor Michael

Beautiful Children!
R.A.U. in the Democratic Republic of CongoR.A.U. in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Enjoying a break in between conference sessions

Many orphans because of war, poverty, and disease!

Students listening to a gospel message

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  1. May 9, 2012 7:04 am

    I will continue to glorify God and to enjoy Him for ever!!,My prayers are with you,your family and RAU ministry


  1. Reaching Africa's Unreached

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