RAU’s Agriculture, Water, and Medical Projects


R.A.U. by God’s grace seeks to minister to the physical needs of the region.

  • See here Reaching Africa’s Unreached Vision and Mission Statements: https://reachingafricasunreached.org/about/
  • R.A.U. is working along with Missionary Agricultural Resource Services(M.A.R.S.) to equip pastors and their congregations through agricultural development strategies. During leadership retreats, one of our days of training includes agricultural training, both in classroom and out in the field.  R.A.U. has implemented, in partnership with M.A.R.S. and Moyo TBS radio station, a weekly, 2-hour call-in Agricultural Radio program which is done in Madi by Apiku Emmanuel and reaches a broader community in the West Nile region.  R.A.U.’s 20-acre compound serves as a demo plot for numerous agricultural projects. We have also been bringing members of the community to RAU for both day and multi-day training in agricultural , business planning, and entrepreneurship.

An example of what was done in a previous year at RAU


Activities Achievements/ accomplishment
The Agriculture Radio Call-in Extension Program ·         52 weeks of Agricultural radio call in program bi-hourly mainly on Thursdays.

·         A total of 107 hours utilized for the agricultural radio call in program. (101 hours for normal mass media agricultural advisory program, 3 hours used for advocacy and lobbing with Moyo District Local Government to lift a 9 months’ quarantine of trade on pigs/pork and 3 hours used to disseminated reports about an agricultural field visit to Masindi District about commercial farming).

·         Comprehensive Agricultural Services delivered on recommended agronomic practices, field pests and disease management, Post-Harvest Handling, Soil and Water conservation, Climate smart farming as a Business (agri- entrepreneurship), management of field crops, fruit trees and vegetables.


The telephone agricultural advisory services ·         A total of 1080 famers called for consultation on their respective farm challenges from Moyo, Adjumani and Yumbe district by the Principal Agricultural Extension Officer in a period of 12 months.
The Agricultural Field visit to Masindi District/ Kinyara Sugar works. ·         A group of 8 farmers were taken to a 3 days’ exposure field visit on commercial agriculture to Western Uganda in Masindi district, it was conducted in partnership between RAU, Moyo SACCOS (Savings and credit Cooperative Societies) and TBS FM 98.6 radio broadcasting company.

·         3 hours of radio airtime used to disseminate field reports about lesions learnt and ways forward to the public.

The Farm Field Schools host by RAU on the 20 acres’ farm and Hall of Tyrannous. ·         25 trainers of trainers (TOT) of ZOA Yumbe field Office for a practical Field exposure visit on Climate Smart Agribusiness scaling training for a day. TOT under a consortium project with ZOA, War Child and ICCO Corporation.

·         30 Host community farmers group from Pamoju Farmers Association, Moyo District trained on commercial ground farming as a business for a day.

·         20 farmers Moyo Town Council Local Government attended 1-day training on commercial banana production.

·         8 Refugees farmers group of Kajo-keji Diocese attended a day training on Vegetable productions as a business under back yard farming system.

The Retreat agricultural trainings contacted by RAU ·         5 days (40 hours) of residential training conducted for 35 Metu Mountain Church Elders covering Agricultural entrepreneurship, Business planning and Financial Literacy (record keeping, Budgeting, Savings, Investment and Village Savings and Loans Association).

·         2 days of residential training conducted for North Sudanese church leaders on 1-day modular training (module 1; Module 2;).

·         25 Moyo district Local Government Councillors (Policy Markers) attended a day’s none residential training on Agricultural Entrepreneurship (“what next towards retirement”).

·         1-day training conducted for 40 farmers who are also church leaders from Metu Mountains (37) and Moyo Sub county (3).

The networking with Sector technical working groups (Local Government Authorities, NGOs and Private sector. ·         9 months (36 hours) of representation on the Livelihood monthly sector coordination meeting of Moyo District, chaired by Moyo District Local Government with UNHCR being the secretariat and all livelihood implementing agencies (NGOs) are participants supervised by Office of the prime minister (OPM).

·         4 hours of livelihood joint monitoring coordination meeting hosted at RAU Hall of tyrannous attended by 9 NGOs.

·         2 days’ short visit of RAU agricultural project/farm by livelihood associate and Moyo area director of UNHCR.

·         Informal Vertical integration of rice production value chain actor DK Co ltd. This was aimed to create ready market for rice in the area.

·         1-day (10 hours) participation and exhibition at World food days’ celebration with 18 other partner NGOs in livelihood implementations and we were awarded a certificate of participation by Moyo District Local Government.

·         Hosted 2 agricultural expects for a fact finding working visit for a period of 5 days (40 hours) of active interaction. They were aquaponics consultant (Don Fredrick) and Horticultural and agribusiness consultant (Dan Janson) both from US.

Other Training programs conducted by RAU. ·         2 weeks (50 hours) of continuing education short training offered for 13 co-workers at RAU covering agricultural entrepreneurship, Business planning, financial literacy, record keeping, savings and investment.

·         6 days (48 hours) of agricultural training offered for a total 108 farmers from 2 different Village Savings and Loans association groups in 6 different training programs once every 2 months. This was conducted as a corporate social responsibility at zero cost.

The RAU Demonstration and training farm (Center). ·         The farm under production was expanded from 17 acres to 20 acres including the area covered by the farm stead.

·         RAU introduced and multiplied a Climate smart upland Rice seeds (Namuche 5) from 0.35 tons (foundation seed) to recorded 6.0 tons from second season harvest ready to be released out into the local community by 2018-12-15.

·         RAU introduced and multiplied a Climate Smart Peanut, G-Nut,seeds (Serenut 14R) which is resistant to peanut rosette virus from 0.093 tons (foundation seed) to projected 1.5 tons from second season harvest ready to be released out into the local community by 2018-12-15.

·         Introduced 4 varieties of climate smart neglected traditional crops on the farm (Bambara ground nuts, Yams, coco yams and air potatoes

·         Maintained the 640 grafted mangoes and 2000 stools of Bananas (both cooking and ripening cultivars) on the first 17 acres.

·         Inter-cropped 2 acres of the farm with passion fruits (Both purple and Yellow varieties). All at full production stage.

·         Inter-cropped ¼ acre of mango-banana orchard with improved variety of cassava (Narocast 1) resistant to CBSD and CMD.

·         Actively controlled soil and water erosion through construction of multiple retention ditches.

·         Scaled up our box gardens for improved back yard gardening.

The input RAU Released and or distributed out to the farmers in the local communities. ·         1.8 tons of Climate smart upland Rice seeds (Namuche 5) released.

·         3.0 tons of Maksoy 3N soybean seed released.

·         6000 suckers of both cooking and repining bananas released as planting materials.

·         10.0 tons of Banana bunches released as food.

·         1.0 ton of passion fruits released as food/ juicy.

·         0.2 ton of soybean seed distributed as seeds to religious leaders.

·         0.2 ton of Climate smart upland rice distributed as seeds to religious leaders (both Christian leaders and Muslim leaders).

·         0.01 ton of Zipper cream peas seed distributed as seeds.

·         Maintained an acre of Improved cassava of Gbari/Arapi Community church ready for harvest.

·         15 spray pumps distributed to Metu mountain church leaders.

·         0.0035 ton of cabbages seeds distributed out to both the host and refugee church leaders.

·         50 kits of record books distributed to the church leaders.

The capacity Building training offered to RAU. ·         3 days (24 hours) of residential training on aquaponics II attended by the PAEO in Arau district (West Nile city).

·         1-day (8 hours) training attended by 14 RAU co-workers by NARO (National Agricultural Research Institute) staff on IPM for mango fruit flies and general care for Mango plantation.

·         On-going Master’s Degree in Management Studies (Project Planning and Management) of Uganda Management Institute (UMI) for the PEAO (Apiku Emmanuel) pending completion by 2019.

Cash for work services; “Learn as you earn” ·         1200-man day (9600 hours) of spend in a period of 12 months spread over 2 planting seasons in 2018, employed to carry own land preparation, sowing, weeding, pest and disease control, harvesting and post-harvest handling operations.


*The above was compiled by Apiku Emanuel



Vision plans:

  1. Another 104 hours of mass media agricultural training (Lawn and Garden format-TBS Radio Station Moyo) advisory services in 52 weeks in Ma’di. We would like to add a second 2 hour weekly English/ Arabic agricultural (TBS Radio Station) to benefit both English speakers from both hosts and refugees communities. It is estimated the refuges/host English listeners to be 1 million +-.
  2. Intensive  management of normal activities on the 20 acres plot of Land.
  3. Implementation of a new project model for 2019 called “Earn as you Learn”. It’s a hybrid agricultural training and agricultural entrepreneurship on vegetable farming as a business.
  4. Continual agricultural training for pastoral students from Uganda as well as refugee leaders from both North and South Sudan. These trainings are embedded in week long Bible trainings.
  5. Increased number of group 1 day hosting’s of farmers/local gov’t leaders/Muslim leaders to RAU 20 acres demonstration plot and training in Hall of Tyrannus
  6. If possible 52 week agricultural Radio program (similar to our Ma’di one) in English/Arabic.

*It is also a vision in seed form to construct and run an Agricultural training center using  RAU’s three acres  across the road from the main campus.  There is nothing like this in this  part of Moyo District (and even surrounding Districts). It would be a great opportunity for the local people to gain expertise which would allow them employment opportunities through certification.

Any financial support  is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Apiku Emmanuel Agricultural videos:

  • Currently we are seeking funds for water wells in the remote nearby Metu Mountains where we are doing church planting. At this time (December, 2019) bore holes have been done  in the villages of Aya, Ijujo, Cinyi, Alugodu,Arapi, Duku, Oyo, Pamulu, Meria, and Fodia. Because of the rough and remote terrain our costs have  increased to $8,000 per bole hole. We are working closely with a local Moyo driller ,local Metu Community Churches and Metu Sub-County.



  • As funding allows we seek to help children in the area who have disabilities which can be corrected surgically. We are working with several hospitals  to help these children with special needs.