RAU’s Agriculture, Water, and Medical Projects

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R.A.U. by God’s grace seeks to minister to the physical needs of the region.

  • Currently we are seeking funds for 10 water wells in the remote nearby Metu Mountains where we are doing church planting. It cost $7500 for each well. We are working closely with Water Harvest International in this project.
  • R.A.U. is working along with Missionary Agricultural Resource Services(M.A.R.S.) to equip pastors and their congregations through agricultural development strategies. During leadership retreats, one of the 4 days of training includes one day of agricultural training, both in classroom and out in the field.  R.A.U. has implemented, in partnership with M.A.R.S. and Moyo TBS radio station, a weekly, 2-hour call-in Agricultural Radio program which is done by Apiku Emmanuel, R.A.U.’s Agricultural Extension Officer, and reaches a broader community in the West Nile region.  R.A.U.’s 17-acre compound serves as a demo plot for numerous agricultural projects.
  • Currently we are locating children in the area who have disabilities which can be corrected surgically. We are working with several hospitals  to help these children with special needs.