RAU’s Agriculture, Water, and Medical Projects

R.A.U. by God’s grace seeks to minister to the physical needs of the region.

  • See here Reaching Africa’s Unreached Vision and Mission Statements: https://reachingafricasunreached.org/about/
  • R.A.U. is working along with Missionary Agricultural Resource Services(M.A.R.S.) to equip pastors and their congregations through agricultural development strategies. During leadership retreats, one of our days of training includes agricultural training, both in classroom and out in the field.  R.A.U. has implemented, in partnership with Missionary Agricultural Resource Services (M.A.R.S).  R.A.U.’s 20-acre compound serves as a demo plot for numerous agricultural projects. We have also been bringing members of the community to RAU for both day and multi-day training in agricultural , business planning, and entrepreneurship.

Vision plans:

  1. Intensive  management of normal activities on the 20 acres plot of Land.
  2. Continual agricultural training for pastoral students from Uganda as well as refugee leaders from both North and South Sudan. These trainings are embedded in week long Bible trainings.
  3. Increased number of group 1 day hosting’s of farmers/local gov’t leaders/Muslim leaders/Primarily and Secondary students to RAU 20 acres demonstration plot and training in Hall of Tyrannus
  4. Promotion of Grafted Mangoes for the West Nile region.  Training in grafting and planting using RAU 20 acres as a demonstration
  5. Promotion of box/kitchen gardens for family consumption and sales.

Any financial support  is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Recent Agricultural videos:

  • Currently we are seeking funds for water wells in the remote nearby Metu Mountains where we are doing church planting. At this time (December, 2019) bore holes have been done  in the villages of Aya, Ijujo, Cinyi, Alugodu,Arapi, Duku, Oyo, Pamulu, Meria, and Fodia. Because of the rough and remote terrain our costs have  increased to $8,000 per bole hole. We are working closely with a local Moyo driller ,local Metu Community Churches and Metu Sub-County. The community cares for borehore to make sure it is properly used. A small fee is collected from each family, usually on a monthly basis, to hold for any repairs which may be need for upkeep.
  • As funding allows we seek to help children in the area who have disabilities which can be corrected surgically. We are working with several hospitals  to help these children with special needs.