Great interview with Sudanese Pastor

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of Sudan. The elections for the South’s separation from the North will continue throughout the week of January 9th. The vote will be ratified sometime in February so please continue in your intercessions that the Lord would be glorified in both North and South Sudan.

Early this morning I providentially came across a great interview of a South Sudanese pastor. It was done by African Inland Mission and was very encouraging! The segment “What happened after your church was bulldozed?” reveals how different the Lord ways are from ours when it comes to planting churches. Here is the link:

May the Lord use this video to encourage you in your intercessions for Sudan. May the Lord bless His people there and raise up many more Christ exalting churches to proclaim and live out the glorious gospel.

We, Reaching Africa’s Unreached, are the final negations for 15 acres right on the Sudan/ Uganda border. It is beautiful and rugged piece of property which would be ideal as a center of outreach to South Sudan, North Uganda, and Northeast D.R. Congo. Please continue in your prayers!

Propelled by God’s Sovereign and Loving Grace,

Jacob Lee

Video Link: