The L.R.A. is still abducting children!

Please continue to pray for God’s protection from the L.R.A. ! This rebel group is still abducting children, killing, and terrorizing people of Northeast Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. Pray that Reaching Africa’s Unreached will be used of the Lord to bring the healing power of Jesus to the people of North Uganda, South Sudan, and Northeast Democratic Republic of Congo! Thank you!

From BBC News- Audio slideshow: Living in fear :

“Their leader is often dismissed as a madman and his fighters as little more than murderous thugs, yet the messianic Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army is Africa’s longest-surviving and most-feared rebel group.

Over the past two years the LRA, which once claimed to base its ideology on the Ten Commandments, has killed 2,500 people and abducted nearly 3,000 more – many of them children.

For Radio 4’s , reporter Mike Thomson travelled to Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo to investigate one of the world’s most under-reported crises.

WARNING: This slideshow contains an image of a victim of mutilation.

Interviews by Mike Thomson. Field production by Lewis James. Slide show production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 16 February 2011.”