South Sudan October inflation jumps to 71.7 percent

The R.A.U. Guesthouse foundation is complete. Please pray for its completion!
The R.A.U. Guesthouse foundation is finished. Please pray for the completion of the Guesthouse.
With the inflation rate of 71.7% in South Sudan and 30%+ in Uganda it makes life very difficult in these two countries…please pray!
Please also pray for R.A.U. that we will be wise with what we have and that the Lord will continue to touch hearts to partner financially with us. At this time we have about 5% of the needed funds to complete the R.A.U. Guesthouse. The Guesthouse will be Carols and my home as well as the hub for R.A.U.’s ministry.
“South Sudan’s annual inflation rate jumped to 71.7 percent in October from 61.5 percent in September on a new surge in food prices, the new African nation which is struggling to provide adequate food supplies said.
South Sudan became independent on July 9 under a 2005 peace agreement with its former civil war foe, Khartoum, but has been struggling to fight an economic crisis and contain tribal and rebel violence that has killed thousands this year.
The United Nations has warned the new underdeveloped nation will be facing severe food shortages from next year because it will produce less than half what is needed in 2011 due to heavy rain and widespread violence.
Month-on-month inflation accelerated 7.4 percent in October as food and non-alcoholic beverage costs — the biggest component in the consumer price index — rose by 11 percent.
Costs for bread, cereals, meat, fish, grain and other basic food items rose, the National Bureau of Statistics said on its website. On an annual level, the costs for food and non-alcoholic beverages rose by 78.5 percent in October.
Landlocked South Sudan has been hit hard by a temporary closure of the joint border with north Sudan from which its buys much of its food and other needs.
Both countries reached a border agreement to facilitate travel last month, but a lack of trade agreements and joint banking system has hampered bilateral trade.
Bilateral relations worsened last week when South Sudan accused Sudan of having bombed a refugee camp on its territory near the joint border. Khartoum has denied the charges”

2 thoughts on “South Sudan October inflation jumps to 71.7 percent

  1. Ron Day

    Thanks for this update on South Sudan, Jacob. We hear about the continued conflict flash-points, as the forces from the North continue to attack villages in the South. But this is the first I have heard of the shortage of food, heavy rains and inflation. Praying for the provision of your funding, construction on the guesthouse and ministry planning in the months ahead.

    1. Thank you Ron! Your continual prayers and words of encouragement are a great blessing. I have received similar reports of extra heavy rains and of the hyper-inflation in both Uganda and South Sudan however it is much worst in South Sudan. It is making life all the more difficult and makes building/budget making very tenuous. May the Lord mercies continue to flow the South Sudanese and may He grant all His church His wisdom and provision so that every step taken are steps that help and not hurt.

      I long to be on the ground there daily with my wife as vessels of His to be used as He sees best…please keep praying Ron and I look forward to the day when you can visit us there and minister :-)!!

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