What it means to be “Unreached”

When people in missions speak of the “unreached” it means more than just “lost”. It refers to those who are lost and have no access to the gospel. They have no radio, TV, or people to share the gospel with them. That means if they wanted to hear the gospel they could not unless someone physically goes to them. Please pray for us, Reaching Africa’s Unreached, that we would remain faithful in seeking out the unreached and presenting them the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ!

The video below is a powerful presentation of what it means to be Unreached!

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One thought on “What it means to be “Unreached”

  1. I am full aware of the urgency of reaching the unreached and preaching the Gospel to all creation, but who gets to determine who gets to define unreached? Perhaps it’s the wrong question. The desire to reach the unreached is motivated by the thinking that when all ethnic groups have been reached, then Christ will return. I can remember when “reached” was defined as more than 4% of a population hearing the gospel. How awful! WHat of those nations, tribes, and ethnic groups that were once “reached” but for the laziness of men have become unreached? What of the countless people groups who have been made into converts and not disciples of Jesus? What of those communities that once flourished in the gospel, but now are devoid of it? Shouldn’t we consider that some of those classified as reached must be re-reached?

    The missionary question is not “where are there peoples who don’t have any Christians in them, or don’t don’t have a church strong enough to do the neighbor evangelism in that we can do if we don’t want to do it.”

    The missionary question is much more simple and much more powerful. The missionary question is “Lord, where do you want me to go?” That’s it! The missionary question after we get wherever “there” is is like Jesus’ questions:

    Father, what would you have me say?

    Father, what would you have me do?

    Father, where would you have me go next?

    That’s the missionary question. The unreached are those whom the Father sends us to.

    I have never seen a single definition of “unreached” that doesn’t marginalize some people group. But, I would like to.

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