Walking Through the RAU Guesthouse/Hall of Tyrannus

Walk with me through Reaching Africa’s Unreached Guesthouse/ Hall of Tyrannus (Acts 19:10).

Thank you Lord for your blessings and provisions through your people!

3 thoughts on “Walking Through the RAU Guesthouse/Hall of Tyrannus

  1. Bob-Gad

    What a great GOD we serve.He has indeed built his house for his work.Praise and glory be to him.May he bless all that he has planed it for and bless the hands that have provided for the work of ministry and the knees that have and are still praying for the work.Indeed had it not been the Lord, then all this we see would not be.But because of him all is in place and we GIVE HIM ALL THE GLORY with a loud HALLELUIAH.

  2. Michael

    Hi Jacob
    Our prayers for all of you may His WILL be done on earth as it is in heaven. We also pray for you and Abraham that no harm shall come near your dwelling and all your goings and comings be under His mighty guidance
    Michael Marindi

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