Kindles for African Pastors

This past Sunday it rained hard all night and into the morning so that the roads were impassible for us to make it to the church we were planning to go to. So Sam and I walked to a nearby village church for its service. The service went from 10:30 to 1:30 with the sermon being about 1 1/2 hours long.

I was encouraged by the preacher’s message. I had only met the preacher  briefly a few times over the past few years. He preached a very cross centered message and our call to suffer accepting it from God’s hand as a means for our growth!

He, like many pastors (99%), has another job. He is also secondary teacher and that is how he supports his family. His English was very good. After the service I asked him if he had been reading anything on the topic . He said he was reading  Living The Cross Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney, a book that I had brought here a number of years ago. I am sure it has been passed around many times and eventually made it to him.


A copy of "Living the Cross Centered Life" in a church I was in last Fall.
A copy of “Living the Cross Centered Life” in a church I was in last Fall.

Delmar Hagar, a brother from Texas whom Carol and I met at evangelism conference in Austin Texas just before we left for Africa sent 10 Kindles with us for pastors. He is now sending 10 more  with Carol on her return to RAU.! Delmar’s heart is to get biblical, Christ-center literature to English reading pastors. We immediately hit it off as we share that same vision. Each Kindle he gave me has many,many excellent Christ exalting, Biblically sound books on it. They also have the the ESV Study Bible on them.

He is the only one who can add books to the Kindles to make sure they are used only for their intended purpose:to strengthen and encourage pastors in the faith. He has just added Paul Washer’s books to the collection so now there are even more excellent books on the Kindles .

While listening to the young preacher this morning preach I knew he was an excellent candidate for a Kindle. I invited him to RAU and I shared a Kindle along with how to use it. Please pray for the distribution of the Kindles to placed into the right hands and consider supporting Delmar’s Kindle ministry as well as his partners who give them to pastors who hunger for Christ exalting literature in an area of the world where there is a famine for such literature.

The cost per kindle with all its books is $260. The average cost to upload new books is about six dollars per book. These are theology books  and not big sellers.  If a person would like to give to add books that can be done as well. Adding books is important for the ongoing ministry of updating the Kindles with new books like what was recently done with the Paul Washer books. Placing new books on the Kindles is as critical as the initial delivery. Here is Delmar’s website:

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  1. Bob-Gad

    Amen Amen,thanks alot for the encouraging words.Thanks be to God for safe travels of Carol and Gabie to USA.Pray for Carol’s return.Thanks for the opening that she may be treated.Indeed God has prevailed after all efforts to have the little pretty gal have her treatment while the evil one was preventing it.I am reminded of Rom 8:28. May U be blessed as you continue to serve. We pray for Carol’s safe travel back to RAU.

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