Pressing On!

Materials for projects
Materials for projects
Dear Praying Friends:

I hope you all are well and pressing on in your relationship with the Lord and your God given responsibilities. The RAU team is encouraged by your faithful prayers and support! We are “straining forward to what lies ahead,[and we] press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus….”  (Philippians 3:13-14, ESV). Let us together walk in the righteousness which comes by faith in Christ Jesus  and seek to “…know him and the power of his resurrection, and…share his sufferings, becoming like him in his death…” (Philippians 3:10, ESV).

I only have time for a short update this week as we are working very hard on the final phases of making ready  Reaching Africa’s Unreached Guesthouse and compound for visiting teams from America and, most importantly, pastors and church planters for discipleship. Because of gifts from God’s people we have had funds to work on projects we have been telling you about in our last newsletters. During this last 10 days, nearly everyday, work has started at 7AM and continues until 10PM with only short breaks for lunch, tea and supper. Sam and I are kept busy getting supplies and coordinating work details on the various projects. The Lord has blessed us with some hard working and talented men from both Kampala and Moyo.

Veranda Tile work
Veranda Tile work

The tile work on the veranda is about 80% complete (the slick tiles will definitely make it much more difficult for snakes to trespass), we are almost to the roof level on the charcoal burning kitchen and living quarters for Lucy, our cook. Plaster work is nearly completed on the fourth tukalu; we have a water line dug to them and we have started on our African/American latrine and septic for the tukalu compound. Double and triple bunker beds are being built . We still need to buy the 28 mattress and mosquito nets for them. We need to finish these projects as well as finish work on the outside water tank and beams for the container to sit on when it arrives with all of its precious, God-given cargo, all before our first group of pastors arrive on October 22nd. They will be here until the 25th.

Kitchen and Cook's Quarters
Kitchen and Cook’s Quarters
Sight for tukalu latrine and wash station
Sight for tukalu latrine and wash station
The septic tank and drain field is next to the new latrine. Our rainy weather makes for challenging digging!
The septic tank and drain field is next to the new latrine. Our rainy weather makes for challenging digging!
Serving table and sink on the front veranda
Serving table and sink on the front veranda
Equipping a place from scratch requires many things we often forget...where and on what will 20 plus people eat and sit?people sit?
Equipping a place from scratch requires many things we often forget…where and on what will 20 plus people eat and sit?
Currently the number of pastors attending our first  retreat is 20. It is a bit larger than what I would like to have, but it is hard to say no to someone who really wants to come. The pastors’ church backgrounds are Baptist, Anglican, and Pentecostal. I personally know each of these pastors and have preached in most of their churches. They are hungry to learn and grow in the Lord. My prayer is that they will be strengthened in their faith and in sound doctrine so that they, in turn, will be better equipped to feed their congregations and be a part of church planting in the many areas without churches.
Ron Zeiner  will be arriving the 21st. He and his wife Joanna were missionaries in South Africa for many years. Interestingly, I have been good friends with Ron and Joanna since 1979. Both Carol and I have benefited from their lives and teaching! Ron will be teaching sessions on Ezra-Nehemiah (Principles of Leadership), with some lessons on hermeneutics. I will have  lessons on 2 Timothy 2:2, as well as work through, with the pastors, Dawson Trotman’s sermon/booklet, Born to Reproduce.  I first read “Born to Reproduce” in the late 70’s and it has been one of those messages that has remained in my heart over the years. When you have an opportunity read it or read it again if it has been a while since you tasted the biblical truths in the message. Our major theme at RAU is discipleship and this first retreat sets a good precedent for us. Please be in prayer for Ron’s trip and our time together with these precious pastors!

Godfrey,Alfred, and Leonard, the possible missionary candidates for Obongi and Yumbe are devouring everything I give them. Pray for them and me as we work together in our growth and dependance on Christ Jesus and His word.

The discipleship materials I am currently using
The discipleship materials I am currently using
With Leonard and Alfred...2 Timothy 2:2
With Leonard and Alfred…2 Timothy 2:2

Pray for the the towns of Obongi and Yumbe (See:…/ ) that the Lord would save many there and establish His church. Recently, I had opportunity to give John Piper’s “A Hunger For God,” in Arabic,, to the Imam of the mosque which is near RAU’s southern border. The next day the  Imam was back! He came waiting for the truck which was to haul bricks to RAU. (It had broken down so it didn’t make it here until late afternoon.) He ate and had tea with all of us. He mostly sat and and observed us interact. Interestingly, I found out he has been sent here to Afoji from Yumbe as a “missionary”. The Imam only speaks Labara with limited English and reads Arabic so it was hard to have a conversation with him. I also gave him another gospel booklet in Arabic by Piper which I saw him reading throughout the day. Pray for him and us!
John Piper's books in Arabic and his "Quest For Joy" tract in Ma'di which is the local language spoken here.
John Piper’s books in Arabic and his “Quest For Joy” tract in Ma’di . Ma’di is the main local language spoken in Moyo.
We have several other day workers here during this construction time who are also Muslims and many others who are not “born again” (John 3). Whether in Africa or America we are all called to bear witness of Christ with those whom the Lord sends our way. Let us each be faithful in this God given task!
In Yumbe

Let me close with an earnest plea that you continue to intercede on our behalf, as well as Christ’s mission in this part of the world. Please also continue to give as you are able. There is still much to do! I have been utterly amazed at what has been accomplished, especially in these last two months. A little over two years ago the area in which I am now writing was wild African bush. Now these acres are fast becoming an oasis for drinking and feasting on the goodness of the Lord and a launching pad for getting the gospel to the unreached…those that have no opportunity from their own community to hear the glorious gospel. Thank you for your partnership and love!!


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