Full Steam Ahead in Yumbe

With Pastors Ben and Charles. These two pastors have been faithful witnesses Yumbe.
With Pastors Ben and Charles on the main street of Yumbe. These two pastors have been faithful witnesses Yumbe.

I had a great day in Yumbe on the 10th with Sam and pastors Ben and Charles from Yumbe town. Sam and I took public transport. At any given point there were 10-13 of us packed into a small mini van. With the many stops and slow going what is typically an hour trip one way was 3 hot and dusty hours one way.The hot/dry season has begun.

Oh boy!  It was worth it though! We all had a very good time of fellowship with Ben and Charles. I was able to get a good interview with them on the general state of Yumbe and plans for Reaching Africa’s Unreached working with the few but zealous pastors of the Yumbe District in proclaiming Jesus. 

I hope you have been encouraged  to pray and support our work in Yumbe!

In February we will hosting 17 pastors/church leaders here at RAU from Yumbe. We have an excellent team visiting from America to participate in this ministry week.  To make our ministry even more effective in Yumbe we need to have a more constant presence in there.

RAU would like to see a small Reaching Africa’s Unreached Hall of Tyrannus teaching/resource center on main street. We would try to come on a weekly basis for teaching and encouragement for local pastors and those called to shepherd new church plants in Yumbe District. Since it is difficult for them to come here to RAU often this would put us in a position to go them often. Only as the church is grounded in the Word will it prosper and grow in Muslim dominated Yumbe!

 We want all of Yumbe District to hear the gospel just as Asia did in Paul’s Day.


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