“Your container is released”


I have recently returned from downtown Kampala with Sam: very tired, but happy. Our last two days were spent in government offices. Friday, I worked on upgrading my Uganda driver’s license to include motorcycle (Boda Boda). Sam worked on getting both a vehicle and motorcycle license.
I have good good news to report!

Your prayers and the prayers of many  have been answered! I was at the Ugandan Revenue Authority (URA) customs office with Sam and Thomas most of today (Saturday). Thomas has been faithfully working the last two months for the release of the container. Thomas had been receiving a lot of push back and felt that it would be good for the URA officials to physically see me and receive my exhortations.

I acted like the widow who persistently knocked at the judge”s door (Luke 18:1-8). Today it actually helped  that I was a white whiskered white man! Usually, my whiteness means much higher charges on most everything. By the mid afternoon the man I was dealing with was smiling and even laughing a bit with me in some of my conversations with him. He also “happened” to be from RAU’s working region, the  West Nile.  I did not bribe him. However because the URA deemed some items as assessed too low, such as the generators, I ended having to pay some extra in taxes.  I placed the money in the URA’s  bank account. About an hour later I heard the most delightful words.

The URA’s officials words, your container is released, are forever etched in my mind. To God be all praise and glory!

Monday, our documents will be brought to the warehouse where the container is being kept so that a  truck may take it to RAU. We still have to clear our “storage and handling” fees and the container still has to make its arduous journey to RAU. The journey may take up to three days so please keep praying! I want to stay here in Kampala to help push the the container out of the warehouse, if need be, so we may not make our bus trip north to RAU until mid week.

We will getting food stocks in bulk  in Masindi where Abraham is  picking up a good deal on beans and posho to help refuge’s in our area. We also plan on buying a bunch of medications in Kampala and batteries/inverter to strengthen RAU’s solar power system.

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support!


  Jacob (for the both of us)



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2 thoughts on ““Your container is released”

  1. Bob Gad

    Amen Amen Amen What a mighty God we serve.We would like to thank the Lord for all that he has done.
    One lesson that i have been able to learn is to be patient and wait upon the Lord and not forgetting the he being the mighty GREAT GOD he does all things as he wants and in his well.
    So to God be the Glory and pray that all the remaining fees are worked out in his own timing.For he is never too late ant any time.

    1. Amen Bob Gad! Thank you for all your prayers and for standing with us. Thank you also for picking up John…bless you!

      On 1/22/14, Reaching Africa's Unreached

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