The RAU container has left Kampala!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

I have good news to report! I received a call from our faithful and persistent brother Thomas that the truck carrying the RAU container has left the Uganda Revenue Authorities warehouse in Kampala. It’s journey to us will be via Arua, Koboko,Yumbe, Moyo and then Afoji. The truckers think they will be arriving Friday evening. Are any of you available for its unloading ? :-). Please pray for its safe delivery to RAU! Over the years I have seen many a container along the road on its side.It was a little over a year that we began to collect things and there have been many challenges along the way. The Lord has given grace and mercy. Through your prayers, the many who sacrificially gave, and hard work of so many, the precious cargo within the container when here will help facilitate the spreading of the fame of King Jesus in RAU’s working region. Only the Lord can measure the effect of these materials. At this link here you can see what is in the container.

Over 1,100 Global Study Bibles and 3,500 christian books for distribution to pastors and others are on their way ..PTL!
Over 1,100 Global Study Bibles and 3,500 christian books for distribution to pastors and others are on their way. PTL!
We are close to getting our money refunded back to us for the 1999 Land Cruiser we had ordered from Japan last September. Pray for the money to be placed in our account and for our new search for a suitable ministry vehicle. Going six months without a vehicle has not stopped our ministry outreaches but having one will greatly facilitate our travels for ministry. The terrain we work in is rugged. One can only go so far and only to  certain places by boda boda or taxi. My back will especially  appreciate a vehicle. Your prayers for us in this would be greatly appreciated.
These are the road conditions in our area during the rainy season
These are the road conditions in our area during the rainy season
We have been putting a lot of thought and prayer into our next pastor’s retreat at RAU in which we will be hosting Yumbe pastors and leaders.There have been a number of  relationship and strategy meetings in Yumbe since last November. These pastors will be with us from February 11-14th. Pray for us as we dig into God’s Word together. Our good friend Kevin Turner and Bible teacher Jonathan Fletcher will help in the instruction. It is our desire that these men from Yumbe will go back to their congregations strengthened, encouraged, and blessed. They are working for God’s glory in areas which are around 99% Muslim. Then the following week of February 17 we will go to  Yumbe and stay there teaching, evangelizing and doing some medical work in a very rural part of Yumbe District. As soon as our vehicle arrives (I say that by faith) I want to make weekly visits to Yumbe to meet with pastors for bible study and encouragement.  Please be in special prayer for these outreaches.
Yumbe needs Jesus! Pray!
Godfrey reports that the  RAU church plant,Obongi Town Church, is growing with new converts. We need to have another baptism service soon in the nearby Nile River  As you remember, Godfrey spent two months with us here at RAU studying before we sent him to Obongi. As the Lord would have it, there appears to be eight more young men who are interested in doing the same thing as Godfrey. It brings me great joy to be a mentor of young men who want to see churches planted in unreached areas and are willing to serve in them! Please pray for these opportunities. Your gifts and prayers help make this possible
Making open proclamation in Obongi "I follow Jesus!"
Making open proclamation in Obongi “I follow Jesus!”
Sending Godfrey to Obongi to shepherd a new church plant
Sending Godfrey out from RAU to Obongi to shepherd a new church plant
Thank you for your prayers and gifts for refugee relief. We are of the opinion, after being here for about two weeks, that we can best serve and minister Christ’s love by providing medicines to those in our immediate area along with some food stuffs for those refugees staying with family and friends in the Moyo area. There are a number of large organizations providing food relief for those in the camps. As you know, malaria is rampant in our area. Having malaria meds, as well as others, will show great love to those who had to flee their homeland. The news reports say things are better in South Sudan, but on the ground level there is still a great deal of concern for a working peace agreement, and rightly so. Please keep praying for South Sudan.
We are here because God called us to be here and confirmed it through your prayers and support. It is an honor to partner with you in spreading the fame of our King Jesus in Northwestern Uganda (West Nile Region), Southwestern South Sudan, and Northeastern D,R. Congo.

These new believers are hungry for the Word of God
These new believers are hungry for the Word of God. Please continue to pray and support us. Thank You!

Thank You!
Jacob (and Carol) Lee

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