Guided Tour of RAU

Join me as I take you on a walk around Reaching Africa’s Unreached’s Guesthouse and Compound


Words cannot express my gratefulness for you! Together, we are pressing on to make Jesus known in areas where He is not known. The Word is being preached and taught. The mercy and love of Jesus is being demonstrated to those who cannot receive help because of their circumstances. Please continue in your prayers. Thank you for your sacrificial giving! I give thanks to the Lord for all you who have prayed and given to bring us to this point. May Reaching Africa’s Unreached always be used to spread the fame of King Jesus!

A picture log from when we bought the land in January of 2011 to the end of 2013 may be here:

2 thoughts on “Guided Tour of RAU

  1. Thanks for the guided tour…How I wish I could sample some of those fruits and vegetables when they are ready in a couple of months!!!

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