Yumbe Outreach

We just finished the first weekend in a month of ministry dedicated to Yumbe District. I preached in a Church of Uganda congregation in Eleke. RAU has been given an open door to preach in  Anglican, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Independent churches. Eleke was brimming with people, especially children!  The opportunity for them is great if they find a way to capture the hearts and minds of all these children.

Call to worship
Call to worship – in a culture where people don’t live by the clock.
Procession to the Church
Preaching 4
Preaching on the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant.  This is one of most compelling parables illustrating the gospel and how it is to be lived.
Confessions 2
Moving confession of and repentance from anger and unforgiveness following sermon
Many children, waiting to be engaged in Christ’s commission

Later, from the top of the Land Cruiser, I had the privilege of heralding the gospel  in the market of Kerila, right after the Pilgrim’s Church Choir drew the crowds with their beautiful singing . Our preaching site was 100 yards from a large, beautiful, and brightly colored mosque and our message was lovingly aimed at the many Muslims of the area who are nearing the end of Ramadan celebration.  Whether they gathered around us or were listening from behind closed doors or from a distance, our prayer is that the Lord opened hearts to believe the Gospel message in the same way the Lord opened Lydia’s heart in Acts 16.

The choir leader
Choir 2
Attentive Muslim Women
Is there a Lydia among them?
Climbing the “podium”! I know George Whitefield would have loved this platform!
Getting to know you
Chatting with Brother Barnabas who was my interpreter
Open air preaching 3
Preach the gospel to all of creation!


Is there a Lydia amoung them 2
Gathering to listen

The Land Cruiser served us well to not only take us back and forth from Afoji to Yumbe, but to ferry the choir, instruments and sound system to the church and market area.

Loading up the Land Cruiser
How full can we pack it?!!
Every space used!
African style!

We will head back this next weekend!


We have been hard at fence work, giving RAU an amazing “face lift!”  A special thank you to Andy and Patsy Hildebrand from Seguin, Texas for supplying RAU with T posts and barbed wire which hitched a ride in the container.  Termites are especially bad in this area so wooden posts do not last long.  Also, animals love to come grazing if they’re allowed, so a sturdy perimeter is a must. Our soybeans, beans, peanuts,corn, and cassava are doing well.  A nice rain would be beneficial as it is getting a bit dry. The proceeds from the crops will go directly into the ministry.

102_4766 102_4767 102_4769 102_4770102_4817 102_4818

“Mildred Forgive”

We are sorry that we don’t have an updated picture of Mildred.   She is back home and looks like a normal little baby and doing very well.  She has a follow up visit at the end of this month.  The family is very grateful for the financial help of those who made the surgery possible.  Hopefully soon, we will be able to meet up with her and the mother to get some new photos.


Thank you for all your prayers and support!

Jacob (Carol)

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