Work of Faith, Labor of Love, Endurance of Hope (By Carol)


So we must not grow weary in doing good, for in due time we will reap, if we do not give up.

Galatians 6:9

Jacob is in the middle of a very busy season.  While he has been weary – physically – he has not grown weary in working to accomplish the tasks to which the Lord has called him.  I am amazed that he rarely loses sight of the goal of that upward call in Christ.  I have never seen someone as focused and onward-pressing as he is, not for the sake of working hard, but for the joy of reaching a worthy goal:  the strengthening of the local churches through discipleship, the provision of rich resources and encouragement in the faith.  His diligence reminds me of the encouragement of Paul to the Thessalonians:  “because we recall in the presence of our God and Father your work of faith and labor of love and endurance of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.”  1 Thess. 1:3

July was packed full of ministry in the District of Yumbe with the added joy of hosting Preston and Laurel Sink.  Jacob preached every Sunday.  In the first two weeks of August he held back-to-back Pastor Retreats.  The third week of August was jam-packed with travel to and from and shopping in Kampala (which is a feat in itself).  Here is an excerpt from his Facebook post highlighting his activities in Kampala:

“Here are a few of the things which were accomplished: Successful eye appointment 8 year Anzoa who had corrective eye surgery for congenital cataracts; used disk harrow bought, broken down and sent to RAU on the bus (it is now hooked to the tractor at RAU); roof rack modified for the Land Cruiser (L.C.) to better suit open air preaching in markets. Now speakers can be placed on the roof rack at the same time we are preaching from it; new tires were put on the L.C. because of tires placed in the container from a Texas brother, front end work, new battery,and a winch for the front of the L.C. The last three items were possible because of the generosity of Seagrove Baptist Church (Preston and Laurel’s sending church); bags of rice,sugar,cooking gas etc. were purchased.”                                                               

       Jacob has experienced the full stress of the driving.  Now, he is back home and overseeing 4 different work crews (several agricultural ventures, campus-improvement projects and the ever present mechanical repairs.)

In these coming two weeks he hopes to make it a priority to study and prepare for upcoming retreats and outreaches.  Please pray that the dust of urgent activity settles and that grace and steadfastness enable this priority to become reality.

If I didn’t know Jacob’s heart, witness his joy and hear his often repeated words, “this is why we are here,” I might have reason for concern – this might just be the diary of a workaholic mad man.  Instead, I have increasing admiration for a man who sees “that Day” approaching and who is doing his utmost to live in the light of  “that Day.”  (Hebrews 10:25)

Here are some pictorial highlights of the past few weeks (for Jacob) …

unnamed (13)
The second of two Baptist Pastors’ Retreats for Men from the Moyo area
unnamed (11)
Jacob teaching while Tobious interprets
unnamed (6)
Attentive and intentional note-takers
Making the most of every opportunity
The congregation of Kokobo COU (Church of Uganda)
Being welcomed to Kokobo COU by some of the members with jubilant singing.
Call to worship drum
unnamed (25)
Come and worship, people!
Nurse Sam doing something he loves…teaching the children songs of praise and encouraging them to teach others.
unnamed (21)
Reading “Quest for Joy” in Aringa.
unnamed (32)
Quest for Joy
The beautiful “Welcome Center”
Mid-morning refreshment
unnamed (33)
The joy of receiving the gift of sight through reading glasses – provided by Laurel and Preston
A promising sign at the onset of their journey to Kampala!
Double blessing!
Buying parts
Souping up the rack for open air preaching
Buying a farm implement…harrow
Navigating Kampala traffic


Waiting to board the ferry at the Nile River

…and, on the lighter side…for me (Carol).  I am thrilled to be able to capture and share snapshots of the beauty of God’s creation in Uganda, specifically, the West Nile region.  Also, while Jacob was away, I took the opportunity to finish some baby blankets, one for our newest grandchild and the other for the soon-to-be-born child of a local friend.

Beautiful sunrises
Sunrise – one of my favorite views from our home
View to the east of us
Mist in the morning
I love the outline of young teak trees
On the way to Kokobo
Same hill, different perspective
Baby blankets


Hmmm…someone needs to get busy!

Jacob and I want to thank each of you who are interested in what RAU is doing, who pray for us, give toward the work so that we all love “not in word or tongue, but in action and in truth.”  (1 John 3:18)

In just over one month Jacob and I will be back in the States to enjoy some happily anticipated reunions with family and friends.  It will be a much needed time of refreshment and renewing, especially for Jacob.  We hope to see many of you while we are there.

Here are some of the items on our ministry wish-list:

***80,000 tracts printed in Aringa, Ma’di and English – $5,ooo (these tracts have been a very effective way of sharing – people are eager to receive and read them and they get passed around)

***Copy machine for Pastors’ Retreats (resource packets for each pastor) – $1,000

***Future Pastors’ Retreats and Evangelism/teaching outreaches

***Solar powered submersible well pump – it would save on fuel costs of running the generator to pump water – $5,000

***Build a branch Hall of Tyrannus and meeting place for Obongi Church plant (plot has been purchased in Obongi through a donation from a Texas couple); there are no church structures in this town of 20,000.  We received much opposition from a prominent Muslim official.  Following proper channels we pushed back hard and he has relented, at least for the time being.

***Vehicle to use while we are visiting Stateside in October and part of November.

Carol (and Jacob)

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The greatest evil is having the gospel and not doing everything within our  power to get it to those who do not have it. May the Lord grant each of us His followers the wherewithal to be obedient disciples!  Jacob W. Lee

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