Video Timeline of the Regional Instability in Moyo/South Sudan Border

These Videos are a good history timeline of the events here in Moyo District. Each of them were taken here in Afoji just two kilometers from the South Sudan border. We remained here through this whole period of time. Kevin Turner, President of SWI, was with us and took most of the videos posted below. He and SWI are great partners in our efforts to spread the fame of King Jesus  throughout the West Nile of Uganda.

This Ugandan TV report gives some background to the conflict

Afoji Church burned down. It is 500  yards from RAU.

Rushing off to the hospital with police mounted on the roof for security


RAU Mission Base Attacked in Northern Uganda


Rejoicing in the morning after being attacked in the night. Jacob and Kevin were greeted by the boys



Madi- Kuku Conflict

Moyo situation getting worse



On September 21st the leaders met and tensions began to decrease. No doubt the prayers of God’s people were used to reduce the violence. May we continue to intercede on behalf of both the Kuku and Madi tribes.

With tensions lessened there was time to have some fun and it is in this context the following videos were made.

Window #3 and another morning of calm



Breakfast at Reaching Africa’s Unreached



Thank you for all your prayers!

Security needs for protecting against future attacks


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    You are being upheld in all of our prayers. Thank you all so much for your service to Him!! Your sister in Christ, Judy Van Natter

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