Back in the Saddle Again

 Pastors at RAU Retreat
“Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”
Carol and I have now been back at RAU a little less than a week. We both have come back from our visit to the USA encouraged by the love shown to us by family, friends, and the various churches we fellowshipped with. The love and support we have from so many is just another confirmation of the open door the Lord has given to us and Reaching Africa’s Unreached. For the gospel to advance in areas of the world where there is little or no witness of Christ’s life,death and resurrection we, as followers of Christ, must work hand in hand to bring the gospel ( Romans 10:13-17 ) to unreached areas. The Lord has set us in such a place and, together with you, we are continually seeking to make Christ known where He is not known. There are vast areas in the West Nile (Northwestern region) of Uganda with not a single church! Partnering with you we have the joy of bringing the glorious gospel and of being a part of Christ building His church in this region of the world. Thank you for your continual prayers and support! May the Lord richly bless you!
We spent a couple of days in Kampala getting work done on the Land Cruiser, buying supplies, and purchasing a solar powered submersible water pump which also can run via generator. We made good time on our trip here to RAU from Kampala. There are more sections of road which have been improved. Because of the many big trucks at the Laropi Nile River crossing we had to wait awhile. After crossing and heading up the steep incline out of the Nile River basin I ran over a sharp object and had an immediate flat tire. After a lot of sweating, Sam and I got the spare on and we made it to RAU. Our drive ended up being about 12 hours.
It was so good to see all our friends at RAU. We are also happy to find that our immediate area is more stable and peaceful than when we left. There are efforts on the part of both the Madi and Kuku tribes for reconciliation. The Uganda government is also trying to help those whose homes were burned and there is cooperation between the UPDF (Ugandan army) and SPLA (South Sudanese army) in patrolling the area. Keep praying for both tribes as tensions remain under the surface. Tribalism’s only cure is Jesus!
Two men with Davis & Shirtliff arrived Thursday with the water pump,solar panels, and accessories. We had some challenges pulling the old pump out and setting the new submersible pump,a Grundfos SQF, in. The pump is now quickly and noiselessly pulling water up to our 10,000 liter tower tank which gravity feeds into the Guesthouse, pastor’s quarters (as well as any future facilities). The pump gets its energy directly from the sun via roof solar panels…no batteries, inverters, and NO loud generator using expensive and sometimes hard-to-get diesel. This is yet another grand blessing to better equip Reaching Africa’s Unreached to serve pastors and others who come to stay with us. Thank you Lord and thank you to those who have given!

Another project which will start soon because of the gifts of God’s people is the building of 4′ stub wall with iron work above it around the outside of the veranda of the Guesthouse. This need was mentioned while we were caring for and protecting refugees on the veranda  during the recent tribal conflict. This extra perimeter gives extra common sense security and privacy to the Guesthouse.
As the Lord provides,future building projects include more pastor’s quarters and a branch of the Hall of Tyrannus in Obongi which would also double for the new church plant there. Obongi Town Church is pastored by Godfrey who has been receiving some training at RAU. We have the land purchased in Obongi but are still struggling with the resistance of powerful people in the town who oppose the work of the gospel. You may remember that Godfrey has been physically assaulted twice and he ,as well as RAU, has received threats. We would not want to build until those issues are resolved. The pastors’ quarters would be at RAU and would allow us to keep more pastors for retreats and also could be used if we are able to open a full fledged Bible School to train pastors for work in the West Nile.
Late on the 22nd, Sam picked up Ron Zeiner, Doug Neel, and Mark Borman at the Entebbe airport. They will make their trek to RAU on the 25th and will be bringing their God given gifts to the people of Yumbe District, Obongi sub county, and for a pastors retreat here at RAU. The pastors will all be from Moyo District. Ron is a returnee and is an excellent Bible teacher.  Doug will be teaching and sharing agricultural resources and expertise.  Mark,a farmer, will share his love of Jesus and farming experiences. One the reasons RAU is here is to host short-term missions teams like this. We can match people’s giftings with avenues of ministry.
We are actively seeking to bringing another container to RAU. This container would primarily be filled with resources for pastors,church leaders, teachers in the region. I have set a page a specific page entitled Fill the Container: Bible,Books, and More at the RAU blog site with all the pertinent information. Please take a look at that page and pray about helping.

Lastly, on a personal note, please continue in your prayers for Carol and me. These first weeks back are always the most difficult for us as we have tasted the joy, once again, of being with family and loved ones. Playing with and loving on our four grandchildren was especially delightful. We do have joy in our calling being here but it is a joy mixed sadness of our separation from family.
Thank you and may God bless you,
Jacob (Carol) Lee



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The greatest evil is having the gospel and not doing everything within our  power to get it to those who do not have it. May the Lord grant each of us His followers the wherewithal to be obedient disciples!  Jacob W. Lee

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