Special Prayers For Carol Please!

Carol sharing the gospel in a rural Yumbe District market
Carol sharing the gospel in a rural Yumbe District market

Please be in prayer for Carol. We had quite the scare late Saturday. While I was reading in our bedroom, (which is our home within our home here at the Reaching Africa’s Unreached Guesthouse) I heard a loud noise in the attached bathroom. To my horror I saw that Carol had fallen and she was flat on back with her head propped in a weird angle along the wall. My first thought was that I had lost my beloved. I went to her immediately not knowing her condition…she was in a daze and not able to communicate well. After some time, which felt like an eternity, she could talk and we assessed that nothing was broken. We stayed together awhile longer on the floor. My heart was beating very rapidly. I must say God’s grace was with us in an amazing way!  Carol is an extraordinary woman! She remained calm and with her medical knowledge was able to give me instructions on do’s and don’ts.

Working together, I got her to bed. She could hardly walk. While in bed Sam helped assess a very large hematoma on her head. Fortunately, our small solar powered fridge had a little ice in it which we immediately put on the swollen part of her head. We monitored her pupils. In bed she was not able to move herself without me helping her. She almost passed out during the night during a trip to the bathroom. Her neck, back, hip, and elbow were hurting very badly. Since Carol is “bleeder” we knew we could not give certain medicines and knew that bad outcomes for such a head trauma can be serious. Both of us were remembering Natasha Richardson, actor Liam Neeson’s wife.  After conferring with a doctor friend she took some acetaminophen.  Throughout the night I monitored as best possible. Here in the northwestern bush of Uganda there is no immediate care for such injuries. We do have some options in getting a helicopter here which is difficult to do but still is a choice if need be.

I don’t think I ever felt so helpless!  This spurred on some very serious praying! Others here, as well as family, have been praying! Your added prayers are called for.

This morning she is somewhat better. The edema on her head has lessened and there is no headache pain. Her muscles, especially in her neck and shoulders area, are still very, very sore with severe spasms. She ate something when she woke up and felt it was now OK to take a muscle relaxer. With the help of that medicine she is resting well now. I am waking her every 15-30 minutes to monitor her. The Lord is good and He is good all the time. Please fervently pray for my precious wife Carol!

We were due to go to Obongi today (Sunday) for services. Paul George from Dayspring Chapel Austin Texas was going to share, I preach, and then we, along with Nurse Sam, were to give out de-worming medicines to neighborhood children. We also were planning to have another prayer meeting on the land RAU has purchased there, asking God’s mercy and persuasion to be upon those in the community opposing our gospel work in Obongi town. I thought it important for me to stay here at RAU with Carol. Paul and Sam left this morning via private hire for Obongi. Paul has stepped up and, I know, will preach a Christ exalting message, children will still be de-wormed, and intercessions will go forth. Paul and Sam are such timely blessings! Paul leaves us Monday and in mid January the Lord has graciously opened the door for Sam  for medical upgrading. Please pray for these dear men.

Nurse Sam (in the Texas shirt) and Paul with the Gbari/Arapi outreach team
Nurse Sam (in the Texas shirt) and Paul with the Gbari/Arapi outreach team

The challenges we face do not surprise us as we know they are part of proclaiming the glorious gospel where there are so few who worship the King of kings and Lord of lords! We are upheld by God’s grace and your prayers.

The Lord has opened and is continuing to open many doors of opportunity for the advancement of the gospel in this area of the world. In the next day or two I will put out a report and put it on the web site, reviewing what took place by God’s grace in 2014. In brief, since we have been here full time (July 2013), we have had 10 four day pastor retreats at RAU, given out many Study Bibles and resources to church leaders, had many evangelism outreaches in Moyo and Yumbe Districts, medically assisted children and adults, are a part of bringing clean water to a communities, cleared 17 acres of bush land and planted crops/fruit trees to bring in income for the ministry. There has also been continual building work on facilities throughout the year. We have had the honor to be part of starting two churches both in places where there is no evangelical church, Obongi Town and Gbari/Arapi. Last Sunday was the first service for the Gbari/Arapi church plant which had 44 in attendance. Of the 44, 37 were new believers from previous days of evangelism and medical outreaches in those two villages and surrounding area!

We praise God for all these open doors. God used your prayers and support in 2014 as a means to accomplish great things for His glory. Please continue to stand with us in 2015. Our most immediate goal is to get a second container here full of ESV Global Study Bibles and other resources. See this link for more information on that need:


May the Lord richly bless you! Thank you!

Jacob and (Carol) Lee

We love and appreciate you!
We love and appreciate you!

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The greatest evil is having the gospel and not doing everything within our  power to get it to those who do not have it. May the Lord grant each of us His followers the wherewithal to be obedient disciples!

Jacob W. Lee

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  1. TkLandes

    Jacob thank you for sharing this morning. We are standing with you in prayer that carol receive a full recovery and that you are able to identify what spurred this on. Please continue to keep us posted. And we are also praying for the men who continued on in proclaiming the gospel that God is glorified in everything they say and do! Kourtney and Tony Landes.

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    1. Thank you very much for your prayers. They are a great comfort and encouragement. Carol continues to improve. She was doing some leg lifts on a door frame bar which slipped off ….it is not going up until it can be very secure!

  2. Dear Father, I pray for your servants in Africa, especially sister Carol. Please heal and mend her body and let there be nothing serious from this accident. Watch over her and Jacob Lee and provide their needs. Give them continued souls for their labor, and may they ever be a shining beacon reflecting the Light of our Savior. In His name I pray, Pastor Greg.

    1. Thank you very much Greg! Your faithful intercession and heart to see the Name of Jesus lifted high is a grand testimony. May the Lord continue to bless you and use you in spreading King Jesus fame!

  3. KateriaTaylor

    Pastor johnny Missionary Kateria Taylor will continue to pray for you and sister carol we no that jesus is a heart fixer his a mine regulator and he is a bridge over trouble water and most of all hallelujah HE IS A HEAL GLORY BE TO GOD SISTER CAROL JUST TOUCH THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT ILL BE LOOKING INTO YOUR WEBSITE ME AND PASTOR WOULD BE GLAD TO SOW A SEED MY GOD MY GOD GREAT JOB COURAGE YOU HAVE OVER IN AFRICA GOD BLESS YALL ILL BE IN TOUCH MISSIONARY KATERIA TAYLOR PLEASE LORD WE NEED A HEAL FOR SISTER CAROL PLEASE GO SEE ABOUT HER AMEN

  4. Ed Engelhardt

    Love this first picture of Carol. And am praying she is much better. God give you the wisdom and medical access for her complete recovery. Have on my “to do” list to send Bible money to Lifegate. May God give you His protection and provision in this next year of ministry. Joyce and Ed Engelhardt

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