What’s Going Up Is What’s Going Down…At RAU!

What’s Going Up is What’s Going Down…At RAU!

by Carol Lee


Progress results from persistence with purpose.

– Frank Tyger

  Jacob is good about putting posts on Face Book that keep people current on activities and projects here at RAU, but we realize that not everyone “does” Face Book.  We want to lasso everyone “into the know” with this post and email.

It has been a season of projects and building and organizing.  If there were no seed-sowing, fruit-bearing purpose, it would simply be busy work, but with Jacob there’s always a purposeful plan and he’s persistent, so…we make progress!


The perimeter security wall has been nearly finished.  It is now just a matter of aesthetics. As you can see  from the picture above, the wall serves not only a practical purpose, but pleases the eye as well.

Right on the heels of that project a second one has begun.  Another room is being added on to “Sam’s tukalu” which will allow a queen-sized bed and a couple of bunk beds.  We already have solar panels and a battery with which the tukalu can be “electrified.”  The current tukalu already has a bathroom with toilet and shower.  As we think about the ministry goals of RAU, Jacob is keeping in mind ways of increasing the number of people who may be served during retreat times.  He is also thinking in terms of teams, especially couples, who may come to serve.  This tukalu will serve both purposes.

Addition of a room to the Tukalu and the foundation for another container.
Making headway

On the north side of the new room, the foundation is being laid for a platform for the 2nd container for which we are hoping, praying and planning.  The idea here is that, between the two containers (which,in themselves, will allow for much storage) there will be a covered work/storage space.  That Jacob!  He thinks of everything!  There is funding enough at present to purchase the container and send it.  However, we still need the funding to fill the container with precious cargo – Bibles!  It costs $10 per Bible.  If everyone bought even one Bible it would help a lot towards meeting our goal.  Please keep that in mind in your prayers and your budget. We have the details here: https://reachingafricasunreached.org/fill-the-container-study-bibles-books-and-more/

Jacob continues to walk through opening doors.   Tuesday the 20th he will have an opportunity to preach over the radio airwaves via the local Christian radio station. At the end of the message people will be able to call the station with questions or comments. I believe we have mentioned before that this could become a regular event.

In the hills nearby the radio station, Aya Baptist Church has been busy reaching out to its neighbors in the remote areas of Gbare (pronounced, “Bar- ay”) and Arapi (pronounced, “Ah-rah-pee”).  They are in the process now of discipling new believers in Jesus and sending one of their own to move to Gbare to pastor the newly formed church.  Last Sunday there were 81 people who attended church in Gbare, at least 60% of which were new believers from the last month of evangelism.  RAU is partnering with Aya Baptist Church to see a good work established and to see the roots of the church grow deep in love for and obedience to the Word of God.  This coming week, on Wednesday, Jacob and Zora (our new ministry intern) will head up to Gbare for some time of discipleship and instruction as well as the basic good of some de-worming medicine.   Please pray for this work.

Tobious (and the pastor from Ijuju Baptist Church) and Jacob in the Gbare area  evangelizing tukalu to tukalu

On Sunday the 18th, Jacob, Zora and Mindra (one of the men who works here at RAU) drove to Yumbe where they were met by Charles.  Charles took them to Ambelecu, one of the Church of  Uganda (COU) congregations in Yumbe District near the Koboko border. The COU (also known as the Anglican Church) is a solid presence amidst a devout majority Muslim population.  It is a very urgent and major goal of RAU to come alongside believers in an area where it is becoming increasingly dangerous and difficult to be a Christian.

Praying and thanking the Lord for safe arrival to Ambelecu COU.
Eager gathering of believers
Jacob preaching the Word and Charles interpreting.
Praying over those who responded to the message to forgive from the heart because they’ve been forgiven.
Honoring the women who cooked and served

On Sunday the 11th, Jacob, Sam and Zora went to Obongi to strengthen Pastor Godfrey’s congregation, Obongi Town Church, in the Word as well as to stand with Godfrey amidst some intense opposition which he has been experiencing.  Keep praying for him and his flock.  His experiences give us a current depiction of first century church problems such as are recorded in the Book of Acts where Paul went from place to place, experiencing hardship and opposition wherever he was.  While Jacob and the guys were there in Obongi they took the opportunity to provide reading glasses, tracts and medicines to those who had gathered, most of whom were Muslims.

Godfrey and Jacob

In one of the last posts, we had mentioned the need for education sponsorship for Richard, who has received surgery for club foot.  Within two days, a brother came forward to offer the amount needed for Richard to attend First Presbyterian’s Covenant Junior School!  When we told Richard’s father, he was thrilled, as you can imagine, for his young son (for whom life had thrown a curve ball) to receive such an opportunity.

Richard – he walketh!

In addition, Anzoa, the young girl who received corrective surgery for congenital cataracts, also received a sponsorship.  A brother in America is working on meeting a goal to find sponsorship for 18 more local children.  (For one year, it costs $600 to board and educate and provide uniforms for one child.)  In America, we take a decent education for granted.  Here, people struggle to find ways of getting their children into school and keeping them in school.  The older the child, the more expensive and, therefore, the harder it is to keep them in school all the way through to graduation.  If anyone is interested in sponsoring a child please contact us.

During the writing of this, a young father came with his child who has hydrocephalus (or some other congenital abnormality.)  It is the most expensive of corrective surgeries in which we have been involved because it typically requires numerous follow up visits to the hospital and we rely on special donations for these medical needs that present themselves to us.  If the Lord lays it on your heart, we would love to take part in helping this child’ s life and lot improve!  You may designate a donation specifically for “the hydrocephalus child“.  Thanks in advance for placing your life and resources at Jesus’ feet to be used for His glory in this child’s life!

Not long after, just today, a mother brought her little 6 month old baby girl, named Charity, who has a cleft lip and palate.  She is asking for help to get the corrective surgery for this.  We, in turn, are presenting this need to you all, hoping that your compassion may be kindled for this child.  While the surgery is provided free of charge at CoRSU Hospital in Entebbe, the cost of transporting the mother and child back and forth 2 times as well as providing their up keep while there is what costs.  From our past experience, the cost comes to about $800.  Any amount that is left over will be kept for the next child who has a physical need.

Baby Charity and her mom
A happy baby in spite of her challenges

We feel an empty space which Sam has left in his moving back to the Kampala area to further his medical education.  We have been so blessed to have his friendship, his commitment to RAU’s vision and goals, and his talents.  He has been a great help to Jacob and a great help in making the vision of RAU a reality.  We are grateful for the Lord’s provision for Sam – getting a Bachelors Degree in Nursing is a three year process and is not cheap!  The Lord is good.  Sam, we wish you very well!  We will miss your joyful heart and your beautiful voice leading us in praise!

Nyombi Samuel Wilson
An evening walkabout
His last RAU papaya for a while

Providentially, the Lord has brought us a young man to intern with RAU – Achidrii Onet Zora.  Zora completed a two year theological training at African Renewal University, a school which is greatly supported by Desiring God Ministries.    Zora has shown himself to be servant-hearted, willing to put his hand to a broom or a hammer or the dishes, or to help Jacob organize books and other resources.  He is an “eternal” student, one who likes to ask questions that open up great biblical discussions and who is humble in receiving insight as well as in adding his own insight to the conversation.  Jacob has given him opportunity to prepare and give a teaching or a word of encouragement which he has not only done willingly, but with an earnest desire for feedback by which he can grow in serving in this area.

Zora enjoying the library books! A man after Jacob’s own heart!
Jacob has perfected his “Tom Sawyer skills” on Zora
Getting resource bags ready for future retreats
Filing and organizing
Handy with a broom, too!

This weekend we look forward to the return of our dear friend, John Howarton.  He has already been ministering in Ethiopia and South Sudan.  Shortly after he arrives we will be hosting another pastors’ retreat in which John’s teaching gift will be used and appreciated.

John with his friend, Muhtar

I (Carol) am back to my “normal” self.  We will leave out any description of what that word, “normal” might mean for me!  On advice and reminder from my brother, Dave, I am staying home from the bumpy day trips to allow any unseen injury to heal which might have occurred from the jarring fall I experienced a few weeks ago.  I am enjoying some time to work on my skill set: drawing/painting and my latest interest – ink.

An ink drawing of my favorite tree in front of Aya Baptist Church

We hope that, as you read about our adventures (and misadventures!), and as you pray for RAU, you may also be asking the Lord if you can serve with us here on a more permanent basis.  There is more than enough for one man to do and it would be awesome to have a others working together with us here.  For starters, consider coming for a short stay to see how your gifts could be used in a greater way to serve the people of this under-served area.

The earthly formula at the beginning of this post could have you wondering if you have the wherewithal to take part in this mission and it places the burden on frail humanity:  “Persistence + Purpose = Progress.”  Who is equal to the task?!!  BUT!….thanks be to God who does not make us His co-workers without equipping us!  Remember I Corinthians 4:7:  “But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.”  Philippians 2: 13 says, “for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.”  In Luke 24:49 we are reminded that Jesus did not leave without fulfilling His promise to give us the Holy Spirit.  “And behold, I am sending the promise of my Father upon you. But stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.”  “Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work withing us, to Him be the glory…!” (Ephesians 3:20-21)

May the Lord bless you all!  We pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you all with joy, obedience and eyes to see the joy beyond the Cross!

Carol (on behalf of Jacob and RAU)

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The greatest evil is having the gospel and not doing everything within our  power to get it to those who do not have it. May the Lord grant each of us His followers the wherewithal to be obedient disciples!

Jacob W. Lee

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