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Grace to you and peace from God our Father

Colossians 1:2

I hope this post finds you with your hope secure in Christ Jesus and your feet taking the good news of the Savior to whoever crosses your path. Carol and I and all of us here at Reaching Africa’s Unreached  are forever grateful for your prayers, encouragement, and support in the mission of strengthening church leaders, bringing the gospel to unreached areas and demonstrating gospel love through medicines, medical care, and education. Because of your prayers and support the fame of King Jesus is spreading in this region of Africa. Thank you!


By God’s grace we have been able to have 13 four-day retreats at RAU for pastors and church leaders. The retreats help us walk out our theme mission verses, 2 Timothy 2:2 and Acts 19:9-10. Most leaders have come from the various districts of the West Nile of Uganda as well as several districts from Northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

2 Timothy 2:2
A group of pastors getting ready to head back home from a RAU retreat with many helpful resources.

As a result of the retreats we have made many friends and have been extended many invitations to hold leadership seminars away from RAU. Thus far we have done so in Moyo, Yumbe, and Koboko Districts. Later, we are looking at more in the West Nile and as well as in the Congo and South Sudan. The new addition to the tukalu near the Guesthouse/Hall of Tyrannus is nearly complete. We are going to call it “Lydia’s House” based upon Acts 16: 15b, which says, “If you have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, come to my house and stay.”  It will allow us to host an additional eight leaders to our current 18 capacity. Twenty six will max out the Hall of Tyrannus.

Leadership seminar in Koboko
Lydia's House
Lydia’s House

Being able to place ESV Study Bibles and solid biblical literature into the hands of these leaders is great help in strengthening their churches and denominations. These materials are “missionaries” which never die and never tire. At this time, we have 50% of the funds needed for 5,000 ESV Global Study Bibles which will be shipped in a container to us. Because we are buying them in bulk we are able to get them for $10 instead of $30! Will you and/or your church help us get these bibles here? They all will be freely given to leaders as well as to believers in Muslim  areas most notably Obongi, Yumbe, and Koboko. At the website there is a list of other things still needed. There are not many opportunities where you can place a study Bible into the hands of a believer where there is a theological famine!

Link for container information:


Recently, I had the pleasure of spending some time with two young men, Shiloh and John, from Koboko. I often have young men and pastors come by to “visit”. Shiloh and John are both on fire for the Lord and are maturing in their faith. Both of them of are voraciously reading everything I place in their care. We discussed several questions which had come up from their reading and study, but spent most of time on the theme of being saved by grace alone, through faith alone, and in Christ alone. I had an extra copy of the works of Jonathan Edwards and have been waiting for the right person to give them too. Shiloh is the man! He has become a good “Berean” and I see him as a potential “leader of leaders” in the West Nile. One of my greatest joys as a missionary is times like I had today!

Shiloh and John
Great fellowship centered around the Word of God

This week we closed a deal for one hilltop acre overlooking the beautiful Gbari/Arapi valley in the Metu Mountains. Amazing Grace Baptist Church, outside of Seguin, Texas gave the money for the land and the completion of all the legal paperwork. Carol and I have written much and shared many pictures the last months about how the Lord has been saving many people Gbari/Arapi and in other remote village areas in the Metu Mountains. The Lord is establishing His presence in these mountain tops in the lives of people and now in physical ways. The rains have begun and everything is greening up. I am told that at certain times of the year one can find gorillas, chimps, and all sorts of monkeys in the surrounding hills. The Lord has given a beautiful spot for this newly birthed church in Arapi. Gbari believers are close enough to fellowship together with Arapi believers. We would like to build a structure that can serve both communities, stand the test, and be a lasting testimony of the grace of God. We are looking to raise $6000. If you would like to help, you may go to our website and make a special notation on your gift: Gbari/Arapi Church Building…thank you!

Site for new church building
The Lord is saving many in these mountains

RAU partnering with Aya Baptist Church has started seven churches remote villages (Gbari, Arapi, Duku, Oyo, Chinya, Lea, and Oku) in these nearby Metu Mountains where there was not a single one. Three young men Aya Baptist have committed to help oversee the young churches under the supervision of Aya pastor, Tobias and Ijujo pastor, Pasquino. RAU is also facilitating training and financial help.  When went to these villages via Land Cruiser and by walking and it was if they were ripe fruit ready for picking.  The Lord has opened many, many hearts! Here are several short videos from recent evangelism trips in this area. Please pray for these young churches.

My heart is greatly burdened over the lack of pastors for these new churches and the many more that I believe will be birthed. While I trust that we will always have retreats I see also the great need also for more in depth training for those God is raising up to be shepherds. Please pray with us on the possibilities of how RAU could be part of the solution to this problem.


Soon Carol and I will make a short trip back to America to see family, friends, and share in a few churches. Most of our time will be in Texas.  Please pray for us in our preparations. Like our last visit if there is anyone in the Seguin, Texas area who could lend a vehicle to us that would be greatly appreciated.

In God’s Loving and Sovereign Grip,

Jacob (Carol) Lee

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The greatest evil is having the gospel and not doing everything within our  power to get it to those who do not have it. May the Lord grant each of us His followers the wherewithal to be obedient disciples!  Jacob W. Lee

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