Second Meeting with Yumbe Imams and Sheikhs

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We had a good meeting on July 4th with leading Imams and Sheikhs from Yumbe and Northern Uganda. I cannot think of any better way we could have celebrated the 4th of July than to proclaim freedom for the captives and rescue from darkness to light!
Two weeks ago we had our first meeting. First and foremost, I want to thank you, all who prayed for this God-ordained gathering. For it to happen once was unprecedented and for it to happen a second time was evidence of God’s sovereign grace. More get together’s are also on the docket.
We were together for around four intense hours. The setting was to be a back and forth dialog rather than a debate and, for the most part, that was followed. We (Preston Sink from Florida, Zora, Charles, and a couple of young men from Pilgrim Church) were treated respectfully and hospitably. We, in turn, sought to exhibit the love of Christ in our words and actions.
Preston’s heart is as big as he is. His warm friendly spirit was much enjoyed by everyone!
In the beginning, we again gave out reading glasses for those who didn’t come the first time. Others brought the reading eyeglass numbers for family to whom we also gave reading glasses. Each man also received  one complete treatment for malaria. Resources such as the New Testaments in Aringa, ESV Global Study Bibles,the book, Seeking Allah Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Jesus, Bible Stories in Arabic and various tracts in Arabic, Swahili, Aringa, and English were given to those who did not receive copies the first time.
One malaria treatment was given to each Imam and Sheikh
An Imam using his new reading glasses to go over the material given him before our meeting start. This Imam was right at 7 foot tall and was over all butcheries, making sure all slaughtering was done in accordance with Islamic standards.
I began with some introductory points to set the stage for the discussions. Then Preston, along with some Imams and Sheikhs who were not with us the first time, introduced themselves. It was such a joy to have Preston with us. His love for Jesus and his joy in Him shone brightly.
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Introductory points to set the stage for the discussions.
The Khard (leader of the leaders) gave me the bulk of the time to speak; my primary aim was to proclaim the Jesus of the Bible. Then one of them spent time speaking on who Muslims believe Jesus to be and gave a rebuttal to the points I had made. By then they had to go to their prayers. It is Ramadan.
When they returned, Preston and I shared briefly with them. They, in turn, had several who spoke briefly again. We all left on friendly terms and wanting to meet again. A number of them stated again that this type of dialog has never happened there before. Charles did a wonderful job of interpreting and being a part of organizing the meeting with the Khard.
Who is Jesus?
“So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.”
Isaiah 55:11
The Muslims turn on “Who Is Jesus?” 
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Helping find a verse in the Qur’an
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Then Preston shared briefly and well from Matthew 16:13-17 and I also shared briefly on the point that Jesus was indeed a prophet and much more… both in the Qur’an  and the Bible Jesus is called the “Word”, both state He was sinless, both say He was born of a virgin, both state He is alive in heaven and coming back to judge the earth….. Jesus is the  I AM in Exodus 3:14. I then urged them to follow Jesus of the Bible!
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Final comments from one of the leading Muslim “evangelists” in Northern Uganda.
I firmly believe in the power of the gospel (Romans 1:16)! You could see them in deep thought while hearing the clear message of gospel for second time and the new comers for the first time. Each of them have the Bible and Aringa New Testament in their hands along with a book which gives a clear testimony of God’s gracious, saving work in the life a once-devout Muslim. Pray that the the Lord will open their hearts and give them eyes to see just like He has done for you and me!



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