Proclaiming the Gospel !


Lond 17
Lodonga Sheikhs receiving Arabic Bibles (Blue) and Aringa New Testaments (Red) * We were graciously granted permission to take this and the following photographs.


Thank you for your prayers! Saturday April 16th I had a blessed time proclaiming the gospel in Word and deed in Lodonga, a town in Yumbe District between Yumbe town and Koboko town. Twenty-five Lodonga Imams/Sheikhs were registered in attendance and a number of other Mosque members were also able to come. We met under a large mango tree just outside the Mosque. Unfortunately, at the last minute, something detained Carol and she was not able to come. It is too bad as there were 25+ women who also gathered to listen. This was the first time we had so many women who had the opportunity to be with us.

Lond 1
Group photo of many of us under a beautiful Mango tree just outside a Mosque.

Our meeting began with introductions, giving out of medicines, reading glasses, Bibles, and Christian-Muslim apologetic materials. 

Lond 67
The Sheikhs were kind and hospitable
Lond 8
The County Khard making his opening statements. A Khard is the elected leader among the Imams and Sheikhs. He is a very gracious and kind man and I count him as a new friend.
Lond 13
The County Khard trying out his new reading glasses.
Lond 14
Each Imam/Sheikh received an anti malarial treatment and de-worming medicine. We gave out all that we had to others who were with us.
Lond 15
Each Imam and Sheikh receive an Arabic Bible, ESV Global Study Bible, and an Aringa New Testament. Aringa is their native tongue. The Aringa NT was first published in June 2014. They do not have the Old Testament in Aringa.
Lond 4
An Imam with with his new reading glasses and his own Aringa New Testament.
Lond 9
An Imam with reading glasses , ESV Global Study Bible, Arabic Bible, Aringa New Testament, and Christian-Muslim apologetic materials I have put together. Any financial help in making booklets, buying of these materials and Bibles would be appreciated!
Lond 5
Imams patiently waiting while others are receiving their materials.
Lond 12
Here Sheikhs looking through gospel booklets in English, Arabic, and Aringa. Many of the Sheikhs had made a haj to Mecca. One had made three haj’s!
Lond 33
The Khard knows English well.
Lond 62
The written word is the missionary that never grows tired!

After the  Bibles and literature was handed out I was given time to speak of which I took full advantage for close to 90 minutes.Everyone listened respectfully and intently. I know the Lord was at work in their hearts!

Lond 6
Proclaiming the glorious gospel...Romans 1:16!
Lond 7
Only the Holy Spirit knows what they are thinking as they hear the gospel message

Lond 44


Lond 40
“How will they know unless someone preaches to them?”
Lond 48
The Word of God is living and active!
Lond 35
“All that the Father has given me will come to me” John 6:37
Lond 54
May the eyes of their hearts be open!

Lond 57


Lond 50
Preach the gospel to everyone!

Lond 52


Lond 38


Lond 39
The call to believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ!

After I spoke  three elder Sheikhs spoke. They had each made haj’s to Mecca (one made three pilgrimages to Mecca). They each stated that they were very happy that I had come to them and one called me a fellow Sheikh because of my manner of teaching. It was his way to honor me. They promised to read the things which were given to me and invited me back for further dialog and discussion. The saddest thing I heard was when they said no one had ever taken the time to come and speak to them as I did….I told them I was very sad about that.

Lond 60
Two of the three elderly Sheikhs who spoke

The Joshua Project categorizes the Aringa as unreached people group with less than 2% of them claiming to be Christian.

The leaders promised to read what was given them and have me back again for more dialogs, something I am eager to do. They all were very kind and hospitable!

Lond 37
The Aringa are categorized as an unreached tribe…that is changing by the grace of God!
Lond 64
Pray for the Aringa
Lond 46
Reaching Africa’s Unreached

Please pray for the Aringa tribe whom God loves. May the Lord continue to open the door to share the love of Jesus with the Aringa. We all at Reaching Africa’s Unreached earnestly desire your prayers and support!

Jacob (Carol) Lee


For those who have asked, small packages and letters may safely be sent to:

Jacob & Carol Lee, PO. 55, Moyo Uganda, East Africa

The greatest evil is having the gospel and not doing everything within our power to get it to those who do not have it. (Jacob Lee)

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