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My Yumbe Imam, Sheikh, and Khard friends




In our last post one of the things Carol had asked for prayer for was another dialog with Imams and Sheikhs from Yumbe. It has happened and  I rejoice that the Lord was in our midst making Himself known through the proclamation of His Word and deeds of love. The short report below of our time together is for you that you too might rejoice with us.

Listening to the Word proclaimed
Thank you everyone who prayed for our day in Yumbe! It was a full and wonderful day. The Muslim leaders were very hospitable and good listeners. The Khards, Sheikhs, and Imams’ kindness is a testimony of good will between them and us.
It was bit hard to gather everyone for the picture so some friends are missing.

I greatly enjoyed the company of my Finnish brothers, Ilkka and Perrti, who added extra “spice” to the conversation. They had come up from Kampala. Even though I have only known them for a short while our bond is very strong and centered upon our mutual love for Jesus and His mission. Perrti is a life long missionary in East Africa, following in his father’s footstep. Ilkka, a former European boxing champion, trusted Jesus alone for salvation in 1970 (I, at nearly 61 y.o., was the youngster among the three of us). Ilkka too has been serving as a missionary based out Kampala but is returning to his church in Finland which has a vibrant ministry among Muslims.

Praying to the Lord of the harvest
Ilkka, Charles, and Perti
We all greatly enjoyed our time with our Muslim friends


I centered in on the point that Jesus is God and Ilkka spoke well on the love of God. We both spoke an hour and 15 minutes uninterrupted. Charles did an excellent job of interpreting for Perrti and me. Perrti translated Ilkka’s Finnish to English and then Charles translated it into Aringa. Zorah was, once again, our expert photographer.


Each leader received a New Testament in Aringa and a parallel Arabic-English one. They also received John Piper’s 50 Reasons Jesus Died on the Cross in Arabic, gospel tracts in English and Arabic, and printed copies of my booklet “Christian-Muslim Dialog” . The number of Muslim leaders in attendance pushed close to 100.
Parallel Arabic/English New Testament
Aringa New Testament
This Sheikh and new friend had spent 20 years in Saudi Arabia



Christian-Muslim Dialog
Various Booklets in Arabic, Aringa, and English


This was my 9th dialog with Yumbe District Imams and Sheikhs over a span of 13 months. The Lord is continuing to deepen our friendship and sincere conversations centered on the person of Jesus. The Lord is doing a great work in Yumbe among these dear ones. Please continue to pray for the Aringa that they will behold the beauty of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, ascension, and soon return…thank you!
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In the Grip of our Loving and Sovereign Lord,
Jacob (Carol) Lee



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