Running the Race with Endurance

Reaching Africa’s Unreached Retreat Number Twenty
In the blink of an eye, two weeks have passed by and we find that our goal of updating you every two weeks is upon us and has almost passed us by!
We have had a blessed visit with Pastor Ron Zeiner Uvalde Texas.  The first retreat (Retreat #20) with the group of Aringa church leaders from Yumbe went very well and the attendees left with knowledge, refreshment, encouragement and…watermelon seeds!
During Ron’s first weekend with us Ron (right of Jacob) traveled to and preached in the remote village of Oku located deep in the Metu Mountains. Jacob looks quite winded as he had just recovered from his 9th bout of Malaria.
Ron did a wonderful job of using the story of Jonah to teach the group how to get the most out of Bible study, how to have a heart of love for the lost, how to be forgiving and how Jonah parallels the work of Jesus (except in the opposite sense of Jonah’s life and response to God).
Ron teaching from Jonah
Jacob, as always, administrated well, ensuring that each attendee had what they needed. He also taught on forgiveness and used each of his sessions to not only impart knowledge but to help the listeners understand sound principles of Bible study and interpretation.
Jacob’s introductory lesson on discipleship
In addition to the inspiring teachings, we had a superb team of servants who ensured that the physical needs of people were met.  Many thanks to Zorah, Nyombi Sam (Nurse), Samuel, Muhtar (John and Angela Howarton’s friend, and now ours, too!) and Lucy and her team of cooks and helpers.  This was one of the most relaxed retreats for me as everything went so smoothly and everyone carried the weight of responsibility equally without any prompting.
Now we are in the middle of our second retreat (Retreat #21) this year.  Our guests are from the hard-to-reach villages in the Metu Mountains which Tobious and his church have done a wonderful job in reaching and discipling them hand in hand with RAU.  We ended up with 26 leaders from Ayaa, Ijujo, Cinya, Lea, Oku, Gbari, Arapi, Duku, and Oyo. Of these nine villages only two, Ayaa and Ijujo, had churches two years ago. Praise God for how the gospel is spreading in these rugged and remote beautiful Metu Mountain villages!
Metu Mountain leaders filling their plates with delicious RAU home grown food
Pastors looking over some of their new resources
This retreat is only 3 days long instead of 4 as we have to leave Friday morning to get Ron back to Arua for his flight out to Entebbe and then back to the States.
Amazingly, though Ron was suffering with an infection, he remained steadfast in serving and teaching.  We were able to get him on antibiotics which have helped him to make slow but steady progress.  Thank you, Ron, for your love for the people of the West Nile region which inspires you to prioritize them in your travels and in the giving of your gift of teaching.  We heard through the grapevine that the teaching Ron gave a few years ago (the first time he came) is still having an impact on the attendees.
On Sunday, Jacob and I will have to travel to Kampala to get our work permits finalized.  Unfortunately, the process has changed so that we must physically be present to receive the permit in our passports.  Jacob is not excited about the drive there and back or taking on Kampala traffic, but “we gotta do what we gotta do“!!
When we return Jacob will kick his farming skills into high gear as he gets the fields ready for the next season of planting.  Right now the soybeans and rice are being harvested.  We have large garden areas which require constant weeding and attention.   On every front we are being kept busy and productive.
Removing the soybeans from their pods is very labor intensive
Soon we will also be receiving Delmar Hager and his two friends from Austin Texas for yet another retreat.  This retreat will be our last before we return to the US towards the end of August.  You will remember that Delmar has blessed many church leaders through his Kindle ministry.  It is through him that we have been able to distribute the numerous Kindles loaded with hundreds of helpful resources.
As Jacob and I prepare to return to the US our schedule has already filled up!  We have tried hard to see that we visit those of you we missed the last time (alternating visits with each subsequent trip).  Please do not be offended if we cannot make a special visit with you.  As old as Jacob and I are we have made very many friends and it is impossible to see everybody. We also want to spend some good quality time with our children, their spouses and our grandchildren.
If you are in the Seguin Texas area, Jacob and I will be sharing at our home church, Lifegate on the August 28th and that might be a great opportunity for you to hear from us in person.  Otherwise, we ask for your understanding. We have a few new churches in different parts of the country  who are interested in what RAU is doing and so this has required some extra traveling.  Also, it is a matter of great priority for us to see Jacob’s elderly Mom and Dad and other family members in Iowa as we haven’t seen them in a while.
Thank you – each and every one – who pray for and support us. Our special thanks to those monthly and frequent supporters. We recognize that your partnership with us keeps us doing what we are doing.  We also recognize that God has a plan and timeline for us which carries us along in His current.  Praise God for His indescribable mercy and grace which allows us to be a part of His Kingdom work!!!
Your help keeps us moving to reach the unreached!
It remains a major priority for us to get an intensive Bible School program going for more thorough training for church leaders.  If we want the Church of God in this region to be wise, strong and multiplying we must put the right tools in their hands and come alongside them in encouragement, support and prayerful discipleship. In line with that priority is the need to build a large classroom and study, dining and kitchen space for the people who attend.  We have already fixed up their living quarters. It will cost $25,000 to build and around $10,000 for start-up costs (library rearranged, desks, registration with the government and other things).  Please pray and consider giving to this project.
2 Tim 2 2 poster
Jacob’s ministry to Muslims in the West Nile (most especially Yumbe District) continues to be effective, especially with the printed material which he gives to each Imam or Sheikh who attends the dialogues.  There are several areas of cost in this ministry:  travel, printing handouts, providing food and also agricultural training with some inputs.  Please pray and consider participating in this ministry.
Also, we are amazed at the impact of our Agricultural discipleship on the community at large which cuts across denominations and religions.  We are seeing that RAU has the opportunity to very practically change the economic landscape of the West Nile region through our retreats and the Agricultural radio program through which Emma teaches a wide audience every Friday night. Please consider supporting the continuation of this important ministry as well.
Also, as you know, travel is expensive.  We would like to ask that if any of you who have frequent flyer miles with Delta or any Delta partners, consider donating miles to Jacob and me.  This will lower the cost of travel and allow us to use donated funds for other ministry related things.  Thanks!  Here is the link for donating Frequent Flyer Miles:
Delta Plane
Please email us if you are interested in donating miles as we will need to give you our Sky Miles information.
Blessings and we are looking forward with joy to seeing many of you in another month or so!
In Christ,
Carol (and Jacob) Lee


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The greatest evil is having the gospel and not doing everything within our power to get it to those who do not have it. (Jacob Lee)

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