Dialog Number Eleven with Yumbe Imams and Sheikhs

Reaching Africa’s Unreached is located at the tip of the pen. Yumbe is to the West. (Photo:Heidi Soderlund)


Dear Praying Friends and Family,

On Saturday, the 4th, I have another opportunity to meet and dialog  with my Muslim friends in Yumbe. Our friendship has grown since our first dialog in June of 2015. Charles, our faithful co-worker in Yumbe and my interpreter, reports that we are expecting around 50 Imams and Sheikhs. Our topic remains “Who is Jesus?”. Every time we have met the Muslims leaders have been hospitable and friendly. They have been openly appreciative of the Bibles, literature and other gifts they have received.  In this dialog Perrti, a missionary from Finland, will be joining me. In one of our previous dialogs Perrti as well as Pastor Illka from Finland, also spoke. Illka has an active and fruitful ministry in Finland.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Many Yumbe Sheikhs and Imams have become good friends through our dialogs.
For a true dialog to take place we must also sit and listen. I have been taught much about Islam through our friendly and, sometimes, intense exchanges.

This time along with more Bibles and literature I am bringing some RAU-grown Matoke bananas, soap, medicines, tooth brushes/paste which were sent back with us the last time we were in Texas. I will preaching and teaching from John 10:1-18. Please be  in prayer for our time together. Usually we meet for 4-5 hours. Pray that each and everyone will behold the Good Shepherd who, of His own will, laid down His life for the sheep.

An earlier dialog in which Illka and Perrti participated.

This past Saturday, we took a 10-member team with Adventures in Mission to the Metu Mountain village churches of Oku and Cinyi. Members of the team shared their testimony and encouragement from the Word of God. On Sunday, the 29th, they broke up and went to various churches in Moyo District. They left on Sunday. Carol and I greatly enjoyed our short time with them.

Adventures in Mission Team – World Race

Tuesday, I returned with Tobious and Samuel to Cinyi Community Church . It is a rugged drive. I continue to be thankful for the Land Cruiser which enables these kinds of trips. Thank you for the support given to make constant repairs on it. The Cinyi church has now been in existence for two years and continues to grow. Tuesday we had Bible Study, distributed Madi NT’s and literature, medicines, building supplies, Kindle Fires with “Jesus” film in Madi (with accompanying portable solar panels donated by “Study To Be Approved”) and another drip irrigation kit donated by “M.A.R.S.”.

The Cinyi Community Church on their own accord are building a simple church structure using timbers harvested from the bush for the poles and grass for the roof. The only thing from the outside are the nails we brought from RAU and a “Danny” tarp from Texas for the floor so people do not have to sit on the dirt. In about a month the rains will begin again and this will serve the church for now. Looking at it, though, it is already not big enough.

On a sad note we are literally  watching a mass exodus of people and things passing by us. The South Sudan border is just a little over a mile from us. A quarter of a mile south of us in the Afoji trading center where the UN is setting up a processing center for all the refugees leaving Kajo Keji . It is heartbreaking to see all the people fleeing and most with just what they can carry. Some, who have money, are able to hire bodas (motorcycles) and trucks to ferry their things. You can see the fear and despair in their eyes. Please pray for those fleeing the fighting in their homeland. The Lord has set them right in our midst so that we may show the love of Christ in both Word and deed. In about a month our banana trees (6000) will be in full production and we will get soybeans planted when the rains begin in the first of march. Lord willing we will be able to assist them with these crops. Pray for us and help if you can. Thank you!

Afoji Trading Center just a half kilometer south of RAU
Most refugees are leaving their homes in South Sudan with just what they can carry.


Carol and I as well all the RAU team appreciated your love and support. We could not be doing what we are doing without your faithful prayer and financial support. We pray you will not grow weary in your gracious support and prayers!

Carol worked hard and put an overview of RAU’s ministry in 2016. You can read it here. She has included many of her beautiful pictures. Our Lord is so good!

I am a blessed man to have such a wife! Take a look at her year end 2016 report and praise God with us.

May God Bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you!

Thank you,

Jacob (Carol) Lee



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The greatest evil is having the gospel and not doing everything within our power to get it to those who do not have it. (Jacob Lee)

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