The Gospel in the Sudan



Brothers from the Republic of (North) Sudan in our home
These three Sudanese brothers pictured above are a testament to God’s grace and mercy as well as an inspiration to Carol and me to press on in proclaiming the sovereign gospel of grace! We have known them now for about three years. Absallah’s (on the left) and Salah’s (center) tribes are in the Nuba Mountains. Joshua’s (on the right) is in Darfur. They state that their tribes are 99% and 99.5% Muslim.  We all are  full of hope as these percentages are changing. Currently, they live in the camps but make ministry trips north. Absallah has just returned from spending 4 months in the Nuba Mountains. The three came for the purpose of strategizing; in addition, we had a good time of fellowship. I love learning more about Sudan especially when it comes from those who call it “home“. The news is that the political climate has improved and a civilian government is being put in place. This has not only improved the lives and safety of Sudan’s citizens but it has been  opening doors for the gospel. We are grateful to be able to host friends in our side of the new “mission house” duplex.
We ate together, prayed, talked, laughed, and anguished over the great need of shepherds for the people that God is saving in big numbers. We laid down strategies for how we can be part of what God is doing in the Republic of (North) Sudan.
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We made two videos which highlight God’s grace in the Sudan, testimonies from these brothers, and our desire to be a part of the work of God’s grace in Sudan which centers around the theme verses of  Reaching Africa’s Unreached, 2 Timothy 2:2 and Acts 19:10.


We would like to help send these three men for two months to a region in the Nuba Mountains for them to do a training of leaders (2 Timothy 2:2) in October and November. It is exactly the reason for which we have been adding our efforts in training them. We have been blessed to have them here at RAU for a number of trainings these past three years. Pray with us for the day they can move out of the nearby refugee settlements with their families back to their homes permanently, proclaiming and discipling others in God’s grace found in Christ Jesus. With the political changes, there might be an opportunity for me, hopefully in the near future, to also go for a couple weeks at a time for training up of shepherds to lead the new churches. I would go via MAF from Arua to Juba and get a visa there to enter the Nuba Mountains. Then, I would fly from Juba to Yida and cross overland to a training site picked out by Absallah. If you would like to help send these three brothers in October and November to walk out 2 Timothy 2:2, you can go to our donation page (see below)  and designate your gift, “Nuba Training.” I would like to raise at least $3500 to be used specifically for this Oct./Nov. ministry trip.
This past week we also had visits from five representatives (a Kenyan,Ethiopian, and three Ugandans) from the UNHCR who are looking to bring investors to our Moyo District as well as the newly formed Obongi District (which was previously part of Moyo District). After spending a couple of hours talking and touring RAU, they were encouraged that there is much potential for investors in Moyo District. It is true! We were also visited by three people with Uganda’s National Agriculture Research Organization (NARO) . They (two Ugandans and one from Ghana ) are traveling the country to locate and study a specific Yam (several varieties) which they want to promote for it’s nutritional and medicinal value. The gentleman from Ghana is doing his PhD research on this plant. We are growing them on the RAU demo farm and doing it well, according them. It was a good time of fellowship with both these teams. I sent them all off with Bibles and gospel tracts which they all seemed very grateful to receive.
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On the 26th we will welcome  from High Pointe Baptist Church (Austin Texas) team for ten days of training with local pastors from the Metu Mountains, Moyo, Obongi, Yumbe and Koboko. Many of these are shepherding new churches. Please pray for this training taking place here at RAU. It will be Leader’s Retreat # 34 for us. As the saying  goes, “Hindsight is 20/20“. When we look back over the just over six years we have lived here and even back to my first ministry here in 2007, we see more and more clearly why the Lord has set us here in our twilight years. Carol and I are so very grateful for you who have been graciously standing with us in prayer and financial support. Together with you, God has set us here for His glory. Pray with us that the Lord will give us many more years to serve him in the Sub-Sahara and that the mission of RAU will bring glory and honor to Jesus until his return.
God Bless You and keep you!
Jacob (Carol) Lee
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The greatest evil is having the gospel and not doing everything within our power to get it to those who do not have it!
 When at least 35% of the world, “the unoccupied fields”, have no access to the gospel, we (believers) must all do all we can to reach them. We who are saved owe the gospel to every lost person, most especially the 2.4 billion who will not hear unless someone breaks into their “unoccupied field” with no thought of their own life!
 Sowing seeds of love and kindness should not be separated from preaching the gospel of sovereign grace but completely intertwined with it!
 I am sure that none of us will say when in heaven that we prayed too much, we sacrificed too much, proclaimed the gospel too much, and were too passionate to get the gospel to those who have little to no access to this gospel of grace. Let us together press on to make it our  ambition to preach the gospel where Christ has not been named!
Our goal in our gospel witness is to take our eyes off the “risk” and place them on the cause for the risk. When God compels us like this he often will not tell us the risks…after all there are no risks for the all-knowing, all-powerful God. So let us be AMBITIOUS (Romans 15:20) to see that ALL are reached with the gospel of grace (Romans 1:16) in ALL places…there are no closed doors to the gospel, just some which are more difficult to go through!
 Jacob Lee