1999 Land Cruiser Found

1999 Landcruiser Update August 1, 2013: The funds have been graciously supplied and this vehicle is on its way to us. Thank you Lord!

Co-worker Patrick’s car man has found this Diesel LX long 4WD 1999 Land Cruiser (Model:KC-HZJ77V) in Japan. Buying a used vehicle in Uganda or South Sudan, unless from a person one knows well and trusts, is not advisable. This Cruiser has 145620km (about 90,000 miles),4200cc, and in very good condition for $15,000 to Mombasa. It would take another $6,000+- to transport it into Uganda, pay taxes, and make it bush ready (snorkel, roof rack, brush guards/bumpers,winch… ). The vehicle would be used for gospel and medical outreaches throughout North Uganda, South Sudan, and Northeastern D.R. Congo. We currently have $11,500 for this vehicle or another one like it. Please pray for the rest and consider helping. You may email me at JacobLeeRAU@gmail.com with any questions. Thank you!

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