It is in the darkest places which Christ shines the brightest!

According to a report done by Failed States Uganda, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo  do not rank well using its 12 indicators.

It is in the darkest places which Christ shines the brightest…let us be about our King’s work!

Please join me in prayer for these three countries which Reaching Africa’s Unreached will primarily be working: Democratic Republic of Congo ranked #2, South Sudan #4, and Uganda #22. Low numbers are not good!

The whole article, stats, and pictures can be found here:,22:

2. Democratic Republic of the Congo

Score: 111.9

Ten years after the conclusion of the Second Congo War — the deadliest conflict since the end of World War II — the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) resembles not so much a failed state as a state that doesn’t exist at all. Tied with Niger for dead last on the U.N. Human Development Index — and with a life expectancy at birth of only 48.7 years — the DRC offers a brutal life to the majority of those who live within its borders. Joseph Kabila, the current president, was democratically elected in 2011, but the elections were marred by allegations of corruption and the federal government exerts practically no authority over massive areas outside of major cities. Multiple armed groups use this lawless land as a hideout, and the country’s eastern region has been repeatedly referred to as the “rape capital of the world.” In a positive development, Bosco Ntaganda, believed to be the leader of the rebel group M23, turned himself in this past March to face charges at the International Criminal Court.

4. South Sudan

Score: 110.6

Barely two years old, South Sudan is the youngest country in the Failed States Index. While its per-capita GDP of $1,859 is fairly respectable for the fourth most-failed state in the world (compared to $115 in Failed State No. 1 Somalia), South Sudan has struggled to establish a functioning government since its 2011 declaration of independence. Hopes that this newfound independence would end decades of fighting between the Muslim north and Christian south proved premature, as sporadic border skirmishes with Sudan continued through much of 2012. The suspension of oil production (due to conflicts with Sudan) further damaged South Sudan’s economy, and rivalries and clashes with rebels threaten the fragile peace between the two neighbors.

22. Uganda

Score: 96.6

Uganda celebrated the 50th anniversary of its independence from British colonial rule last October — but those celebrations were marred by protests and widespread arrests, as the government moved to stop opposition rallies and placed several prominent political figures, including the mayor of Kampala, Erias Lukwago, under house arrest. Uganda remains a very poor country, with a per capita income of just $506. It also suffers from the highest levels of bribery in East Africa.

Brief histories of these countries may be found here: 

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  1. Bob-Gad

    Hello bro Jacob Greetings in his name.Indeed he shines brightest in the darkest times.We will pray for all that the Lord has prepared for RAU ministries & those he has called to serve.God may provide,protect and always be lifted high to God be the Glory. Bob Gad——————————

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