Joyful Times

Joyful Times

by Carol Lee

The Tennessee Trio (as Jacob affectionately calls them), David Jones, Michael Lambert and Eric Williams, have come and gone.  What a blessing they have been and what a joyful time we had!  It’s simply amazing how the Lord can take us, who were strangers just a week ago, and, because of our union in Christ and unity of vision and priority, make us beloved family.  It has been hard to see them go… we are missing the activity and the laughter that echoed through the Guesthouse.  While they were here the front veranda became the RAU internet café where we would huddle with our devices (sometimes sipping some wonderfully aromatic Mexican coffee which David brought) to get connected to, not only our loved ones back home, but to each other as well.

At the Ugandan/South Sudan border with the "Tennessee Trio". Seated: David, Jacob,Officer in Charge of Afoji Border Crossing, Michael, Eric.Standing: Carol, Immigration Officer
At the Ugandan/South Sudan border with the “Tennessee Trio”. Seated: David, Jacob,Officer in Charge of Afoji Border Crossing, Michael, Eric. Standing: Carol, Immigration Officer

The “guys” brought many items that will serve the Guesthouse well in future pastor retreats:  twin sheet sets, TP, books, and Kindles from Delmar Hager in Texas.  Most of all, they brought with them a love for Christ and a love for the lost that was evident as they traveled with Abraham, Jacob, Asili, Godfrey and Stephen to Obongi and Yumbe (two towns that are mostly Muslim in population.)  Suffice it to say, all of them came back excited about conversations, contacts and opportunities.

Two cases of Paul Washer's book were brought for Pastors
Two cases of Paul Washer’s book were brought for Pastors

Stories of their encounters are exciting and best told first hand by those that were there. Jacob will update you in his next newsletter. After meeting with a pastor (one of three in the town), he was told by that pastor that “born again” believers in the city of around 35,000 people would not reach 100! Jacob and the RAU team will be meeting with the three pastors and some of their members for strategies in proclaiming the gospel in Yumbe.

Each of the trio also had the opportunity to preach at local churches on Sunday.

Church were Eric preached
Church were Eric preached

I don’t think I am putting words in Eric, David and Michael’s mouths in saying that, though the Tennessee Trio’s suitcases are emptier, they (the team) are going back filled!

Jacob and I and all who became acquainted Michael, Eric and David during their stay are left with the blessing of friendship and partnership in the Gospel.  Thanks so much, you guys!

As the Tennessee brothers leave we look forward and are preparing for the next team to come:  Kevin Turner and Ron Day who will arrive this next Tuesday.  Jacob and Kevin became great friends several years ago when we “happened” to see a piece on TV about Kevin and his work through SWI (Strategic World Impact) and subsequently made contact with him.  Jacob met Ron Day through his friendship with Kevin and quickly became friends with Ron. Jacob traveled twice to Pakistan for ministry with a number of others under Kevin leadership.  Kevin and Ron will be here for about two weeks before they fly back home.

Just a few weeks later, around December 13th, we will also be heading down to Kampala to fly back to the States for a wonderful Christmas reunion with family and friends.

I have had some moving experiences lately that center on ‘mothering’, and remind me that a mother’s work is never done…and I’m not talking about chores and housework.  There are young men and women here with whom the Father has surrounded me that I have had the joy of mothering in various ways, through love and affection, prayer, counsel and provision.  It is a joy for me to be useful in this and other ways.

Particularly today, my heart was filled with compassion for a young Muslim man of 18 or 19 who was abandoned as a child, doesn’t even know what tribe he is from, and who has found work here, as well as a family and community among all of us at RAU (including the day workers).  We are determined to love him to Christ through word and deed!  Because of his youth, we all have opportunity to ‘parent’ him and help him through this life, and, hopefully, the life to come.

In the midst of all these ministry opportunities, the building is continuing, although we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It won’t be long until Lucy is in her new quarters and is using the new kitchen.  Other projects are in the finishing stages as well.  Saalongo and his crew have been working tirelessly in 12-14 hour days, seven days a week!  Since they are from Kampala, I am sure they are thinking that the sooner they get things done, the sooner they can return home.  They are doing a superb job.

Unloading of building materials
Unloading of building materials

Through your support, the Lord has graciously been providing the funds needed for the building process, and now, for the delivery of the container from Kampala to Afoji to RAU.  In a process we don’t fully understand, the container has been held in Kampala, where all the contents were unloaded and reloaded…TWICE!  Apparently, they had to go through everything with a fine tooth comb, which included pulling a tape measures out to its full length to ensure that the 25 ft. tape measures were actually 25 feet long and checking rolls of toilet paper to ensure that they met environmental standards for Uganda, and other such things!  Not in jest!  There are some fees ($2,000+) which will have to be paid, but, I believe we will see the container arrive sometime soon!  Praise the Lord! Please pray for its travel here.  The roads are not conducive to a smooth transit. Pray for God’s provision in this please.

We  received  bad news that the RAU ’99 Land Cruiser is still in a Japanese port. We have been given a lot of false information from the shipper. Pray for us as we work through this issue.

Words are not sufficient to express the thanks and wonder we feel to have supporters like you back home who are “holding the rope” in such tangibly experienced ways!  You all do not know, but may be able to imagine, the blessing of being supported in packages, prayers, letters, Facebook communication and financial giving.  You are so responsive to our needs and so ready to entrust us with the resources that you give to RAU and its mission.  Thank you…thank you…thank you!

Carol (for both of us)

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  1. Paul George

    Jacob and Carol:
    I am a member of Dayspring Chapel in Austin, Texas and may have a chance to visit Africa sonetime next year. I would like to visit you in Uganda or Sudan if possible? I want to encourage and support our Missionaries around the world and see if I have a missionary calling as well. Can you coach me on how to proceed if you are willing to have me? I am very low Maintenace and can live in austere conditions, I’d like to visit for two weeks after visiting Spain and Dubai with coworkers. I was working at Richard Bennett’s recently and uour names came up. Please let me know. God’s blessings to you. Cell 512-944-5932.

    need info on vaccinations, visas,
    logistics etc.

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