The Local Churches First Call Is Sending Not Seating!

The local churches first call is sending not seating!  Jacob Lee
The local churches first call is sending not seating!
Jacob Lee
 Thank you for your prayers and support.Carol has just written with lots of recent news. I second everything she said about our new friends whom I have affectionately nicknamed “The Tennessee Trio”. David, Michael, and Eric were  a great blessing to us and to believers throughout Moyo and Yumbe Districts.We love the same King and each of us love being a part of His mission (John 20:21). The only thing I hold against them is putting Tennessee orange on co-worker Sam. I prefer burnt orange on him!

In the Trio’s short time here they proclaimed God’s Word in various churches, in outdoor preaching venues in Moyo and Obongi, and in one on one situations in Moyo,Obongi, and Yumbe. In Obongi we rejoiced with the angels in the new found faith of many. Several who trusted in Christ were Muslims. There are several videos at the bottom of this page. For you Facebook friends, David posted a short clip of me preaching in Obongi.  ( ). The opportunity to  do such preaching thrills my soul!

We had the opportunity to spend one full day in Yumbe town. I wanted our new friends to have the joy of sharing Christ in a town with  few Christians and which is dominated by Islam. When we got there Abraham parked the truck at a busy intersection and we all got out and mingled with a good sized crowd. Each us pointed someone to Jesus. Stephen, one of our night guards, and a dear brother in Christ, came with us. He was off duty. He shared later with me that it was  his first time to share Christ with someone. I am confident this will not be his last time either! He is like a son to me and I have seen him and his partner Aldo grow leaps and bounds in their faith.Each evening we have opportunities to talk, pray, and worship with Stephen and Aldo. Eric, Michael and David also had time to share their lives and love with Stephen and Aldo.


We had a “Divine appointment” with a young man named Ben who has been a pastor in Yumbe the past eight years.Through his faithful service in local government (his money making job) he is greatly respected by officials in Yumbe. With Ben’s assistance we had the opportunity to meet  several government  officials. I sat across the desk from a federal government official and he gave us the “go ahead” to preach in Yumbe even though he is a Muslim. Praise God for His favor and sway upon unbelievers! Ben told us that  Yumbe has a population of around 35,000 with less than 100 (that figures out to be around .3%) evangelical Christians. We have a meeting set up with the 3 pastors in Yumbe and some of their leaders to lay out strategies to reach Yumbe town. Pray for us in our desire to lift Jesus high in  Yumbe,Obongi, and Moyo!

Yumbe Official's office
Yumbe Official’s office

Our building projects are all nearly finished. The tukalus have been refurbished and painted. The latrine /bathing station for our Tukalus is finished with the exception of a second coat of paint.The new outdoor kitchen and living quarters for Lucy, our cook and helper, should be complete early next week. Only trim work remains on the veranda tile. The water tower has been plastered and now is being painted.


Tukalu's are refurbished and Latrine/Bathing Station is finished.
Tukalu’s are refurbished and the Latrine/Bathing Station is finished.
Water Tower,  Container Site, and Sam's Quarters
Water Tower, Container Site, and Sam’s Quarters

We have a spot ready for the container whenever it finally makes it to us. The container has cleared the Ugandan revenue service and when we receive our tax clearance all we will have to do is pay the $2000 plus in clearance fees.

On Tuesday, good friends, Kevin Turner and Ron Day, will be with us for nearly two weeks. I look forward to spending time with them and seeing how the the Lord will use their stay with us. Kevin is president of SWI and Ron is a film maker. Please pray for a safe journey to us and a time of mutual encouragement and blessing while they are here. I greatly appreciate their love manifested in taking the time and their sacrifice to be with us to bring us encouragement and be vessels in King Jesus’ service.

Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support.

May the Lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon and be gracious to you!
Jacob (for the both of us)

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