Praising God in Kampala

With Anzo and Mindra in Kampala
With Anzo and Mindra in Kampala

Sam and I spent most of one day at Mengo Hospital Kampala  with 8 year Anzo and her father Mindra. They live near us at Reaching Africa’s Unreached and Mindra has been helping us a lot at RAU. We have had a consultation with doctor for this sweet little girl who has suffered from congenital cataracts from birth. The good news is that she can be helped with surgery. We will be back in mid June for that and afterwards she should be able to see clearly…PTL!

The doctor who examined Anzo stated the  hospital wants to help children in the West Nile Region who have eye problems but finding the children,transportation to Kampala, and care in the hospital has kept them from being able to help. This very well may be a way RAU can be a part of helping children with eye difficulties in much neglected rural village areas of Yumbe and Moyo Districts. We are already working with a hospital in Kampala for children with cleft pallets, club feet, etc. This is just another opportunity for us to show the love of Jesus.These children are forever changed and their families/clans hearts are softened to hear the good news of Jesus Christ!

This was Anzo's and Mindra first buger and fries.
This was Anzo’s and Mindra first burger and fries.

I had a very encouraging conversation with the Mengo hospital administrator in charge of the eye department. It does looks like we will be able to partner together to help other children in Northwestern Uganda (West Nile Region). Their funds from a grant will be soon running out and they may not be able to continue doing the surgeries for free.  The administrator stated when their grant is is fully used if we could contribute at least $200 we could still bring children there for surgeries. What do you say?

These children have no hope for corrective surgeries unless someone comes to them and helps them…just like the Lord did for us! The Lord  is providentially bringing these children from Moyo and Yumbe Districts right to us. We cannot turn away from them! We have opportunity to help an additional two children with cleft pallets from Yumbe District and from Moyo District a child with severe club feet, another with knee issues, and yet another with a wrist problem. Please pray for these children and help us help them.

We also had hopes, when in Kampala, that Carol and I could buy an ’06 Land Cruiser.  Pastor Patrick had spotted one for us. Just after arriving in Kampala we were told the vehicle was sold to someone else. I should have felt very disappointed but I was not. I am a firm believer in the sovereignty God! I remember RC Sproul once stating, “If there is just one rogue molecule in the Universe God is not sovereign.” I agree! We did everything we could and the door was closed to the ’06. I knew the Lord had something better for us and He did! The next day a ’02 Land Cruiser was located which was in better shape and with fewer miles. It has everything we wanted with the exception of a winch and right kind of roof rack. Hopefully we will be able to get the winch later. We have had a big rack made for it which will  be helpful to carry things and be used for a platform to preach from in villages. I am sure George Whitefield would have done the very same thing if he, too, had had a Land Cruiser.

Now we will not be hindered from going out from RAU for discipleship, evangelism, and medical outreaches. We will also have the means to mobilize and bring children from the West Nile for corrective surgeries.!

A group of pastors will be arriving from Yumbe Tuesday and will be with us until Friday and then the following Tuesday through Friday another group from Obongi will be with us. These pastor/leadership retreats are the backbone of RAU’s mission and vision!

Thank You!

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