Second Yumbe Pastor’s Retreat

Yumbe Pastors

We have just finished another retreat for pastors from Yumbe District.  Please pray for them.  What a blessing for us to hear their stories of faith!
Just like our last time with a different group from Yumbe, we were so moved by their exuberant worship and prayers and their desire to link arms with other believers in the area to reach out in Christian love and unity to those who have not had the privilege of knowing and loving Jesus. Bob Gad and I shared the teaching sessions (we had 9 long sessions between the two of us.)  Our emphasis was on the fundamentals of the faith and on becoming ones who have a heart for discipleship. Pastor Bob, from Kampala, did an excellent job of, not only teaching, but inspiring and spurring on the pastors to go back and equip their churches to be ones who are ready to serve in humility and to share what they have learned with others. It has been a week of pressing 2 Timothy 2:2 into their hearts and thinking (teaching the faithful who will in turn teach others.)  It was a delight to be able to send them home with the many resources which your donations have allowed us to purchase and ship here.  In the link below you will hear the testimony of one pastor who beautifully expresses what many of them feel after the retreat is over.

​Bob Gad

Above are the resources pastors at RAU retreats have been receiving. We are praying we can get another shipment of Global Study Bibles and Christian books as supplies are dwindling. The 1100 Global Study Bibles and books which came in the container are great,great blessing!

​We are breathing a happy sigh of satisfaction this afternoon before we start up, again, tomorrow washing sheets and towels in preparation for the next retreat this coming Tuesday.  Normally, we don’t like to have them back to back because it is such an intense time, and we need some time to prepare for the next one, but circumstances made it difficult to do it differently.

This coming week we will have the privilege of hosting pastors and church leaders from another area, 17 from Obongi and 1 from Maracha. We are happily busy doing exactly what the Lord put it in our hearts to do! The Lord has open the door to us in West Nile Region of Uganda.
The week before this, Sam and I were busy running around in Kampala, doing what was needed to bring the Land Cruiser back here to Afoji.  We also were able to see Anzo (Mindra’s daughter) receive an eye examination and and set up a date for eye surgery at Mengo Hospital for June 17th.  It was a time crunch to get everything accomplished, but it was a joy to finally be driving back to RAU in our Land Cruiser!  Since I had never driven in Uganda before, it was a welcome relief to have Bob Gad along to do most of the driving.  I tried my hand at it on the last leg of the journey from the ferry at Laropi to our home at RAU (Afoji). I am slowly getting use to driving on the wrong side of the road, sitting on the wrong side while driving and shifting with my left hand :-).  Now that we have the Land Cruiser we are planning with Yumbe pastors a month of outreach (July) in Yumbe District  for discipleship, evangelism, and medical care.

​’02 Land Cruiser

Thank You!

Jacob (Carol) Lee

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