Back in the USA for a Visit

Carol and I are greatly enjoying our time with family and friends. Thank you for all your prayers for a safe journey to Texas.
Carol’s and my internal clocks are still messed up as well as our stomachs. We keep getting up around 3 AM. Ten months in Africa does not allow a quick switch :-). Besides enjoying family and friends we have enjoyed eating a Kirby Burger at the local Seguin (Texas) burger joint Saturday, other meats at the church pot luck Sunday, cereal and milk, and delightful, warm showers :-). Our stomachs are having difficulty switching from beans,rice, and vegetables.
It was wonderful that the Lord allowed us to be here for the birth of our 4th grandchild, Vera Grace Lee. She joins her brother Ben, sister Eliza, and cousin Keira. When we booked our tickets last Christmas little Vera Grace was only seen by the Lord. We enjoyed our first weekend with all our Texas family and, later this month, we will be spending time  with Josiah in Chattanooga.

 Vera Grace Lee

Having fun with Ben,Keira, and Eliza
Our first Sunday back was spent with our sending church, Lifegate. Lifegate has been our  church family the last 32 years. It was a great joy to report back to them and preach from RAU’s theme verses of 2 Timothy 2:2 and Acts 19:9-10.We have many precious friends and memories with our dear ones at Lifegate.  We showed a short video that our friend Gary Greaves put together  on RAU and its mission/vision. The rest of our Sundays in America will be with various churches and we are trying to connect with as many of friends as we can on other days.
Please be in prayer for our special friend, Kevin Turner. He is the president of Strategic World Impact. He spent five days with us at RAU during the conflict which swirled all around us between the Madi and Kuku tribes.  The situation between the tribes has improved as result of many calling out to the Sovereign Lord. More information of the turmoil is at the RAU blog.  After Kevin returned to the States he came down with a very bad case of malaria and has been hospitalized. The incubation time for malaria is 7-10 days and, therefore, the symptoms didn’t show up until his return to the States.
We just received a report from the Ugandan American Embassy that a case of the Marburg Virus has killed a person in Kampala and 80 people have been quarantined.  The Marburg virus is similar to Ebola and transmitted by fluids and through animals like fruit bats. We go through Kampala and do business there and are a hard days drive north to our Uganda base of operations near the South Sudan border.  Marburg and Ebola (Ebola is in West Africa and we are East Africa) are wicked cousins. Ebola does have the ability to be where we are…it has been in our area before. So keep the prayers going!

During our 10 months in Africa we have stayed healthy by the grace of God. In many ways, because of diet and lifestyle, we are more healthy. We  do not constantly take anti-malarials prophylacticly as it would not be good for our bodies. If and when we get malaria there are treatments. Please continue in your prayers for us to stay free from malaria, and that Marburg and Ebola viruses will  be contained and destroyed throughout the rest of Africa. Being in the will of God does not exempt us from getting these things and the many other nasties in the area (e.g., aids virus, sleeping sickness, stomach ailments etc.). We all are in the gracious and loving hands of our King.
 What David Sitton has said is right, “Risk is right when the cause is Christ!”  With the advance of the gospel there are always adversaries and trials. The Apostle Paul puts it this way,  “But I will stay in Ephesus until Pentecost, for a wide door for effective work has opened to me, AND there are many adversaries” (1 Cor. 16:8-9 Emphasis mine)The article below on
1 Corinthians 16:8-9, which I recently read, has been an encouragement:  “Kingdom Opportunities Mean Kingdom Adversities”.
Carol and I have had our first appointments with the dentist. Carol has to go back for more extensive work. We also need to get some general medical checkups.
Here are a couple of future projects we are hoping to complete after our return for which we covet your prayers:
* A short wall on the outside of the veranda with decorative ironwork above it to help protect  those in the Guesthouse/Hall of Tyrannus. We saw this need when we were seeking to watch over those displaced during the recent tribal skirmish near RAU.  Estimated cost:$10,000
* To switch our generator operated submersible water pump for a solar powered one which also can be run by the generator as a back up. We use a lot of water with all our guests and only more will be used as the facilities grow. Fuel costs are high and fuel is sometimes hard to obtain. This pump, as well as all panels/batteries/installation, has been estimated at $15,000+-.  An additional $2000for a solar hot water system could allow us to fix the showers in the Guesthouse.
I hope we get to see many of you while we are back. We head back to R.A.U.the second week of November. We could not be doing what we are doing without you! Thank you!



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