Fellow Workers For the Truth

Fellow Workers For The Truth

by Carol


It has been our great pleasure and privilege to welcome our fellow worker, Ron Zeiner, back to RAU for 3 weeks of ministry.  This is his third visit and we love the partnership with Ron that has flourished since Jacob and I made this place our home.  We were also thrilled to have Nurse Sam back for a short visit as he takes a holiday from his studies.

The weeks prior to Ron’s arrival were busy ones for Jacob.  There was harvesting of soybeans and then planting of new crops to be done (g-nuts, upland rice and beans).  It is truly a good thing that Jacob finds some kind of pleasure in farming!    It felt as though we were “under the gun” to try and finish up all the harvesting and planting before a busy season of ministry began, but we got it done in the “nick of time” with the help of our men and about 10 ladies who came specifically for harvesting and planting.

Beating soybeans out of their stalks
Shelling peanuts (G-nuts) for planting; This mama has some help.
Weighing and sacking soybeans

11222226_10204676887657947_8819152886026523626_n 11800215_10204676925418891_1514371528795153812_n

2015-03-28 18.13.49
Weed eating around the tukalus. Preparing for the retreats.
2015-03-27 19.55.02
Zorah and I finished putting bedding on the bunks in the tukalus

Ron also made it “just in the nick of time!”  His flight plans and his suitcases took a few twists and turns but he made it to Entebbe/Kampala and then he and Nurse Sam made it here the morning on which the retreat was to start.  Ron’s suitcases took a few extra days but made it here in time to pass out the resources which we asked him to bring!  You would never have known Ron was a weary traveler because he plunged right into the retreat schedule without missing a beat and with a joyful, servant’s heart.

Singing the meal blessing
2015-03-31 18.52.15
Self-serve buffet
Rons feet
Can you pick out Ron?
Always a student

Retreat # 14 brought 24 church leaders from Yumbe District, 17 men and 7 women.  This one was a milestone in that, for the first time, we were able to invite women to the retreat to stay in our newly finished, “Lydia’s House.”  Up to this time our facilities were not able to house both men and women.  The women definitely got the better end of the deal as Lydia’s House has a metal roof, solar power and an en suite bathroom!  Unfortunately, the tukalus have thatched roofs (which we hope to eventually convert to metal) and are not reliable cover during strong winds and rain (as one group found out when the roof started leaking during a night of heavy rain.)  The next day we had to buy spear grass to repair the leak.  Sorry guys!  Thankfully, it rained hard only one of the nights.  What a privilege to strengthen and encourage this group of men and women!

One of the ladies reading the scripture reading in Aringa
Enjoying the ESV Global Study Bible



Beneficiary of reading glasses
14th Retreat with Yumbe leaders
The first ever guests of Lydia’s House


A little rain didn’t keep us from moving forward, though!  The first thing we did was to hand out reading glasses to those who had need.  At times like these we so appreciate all the folks who answered our requests for reading glasses.  What a blessing to be able to provide them in order to make reading a pleasure rather than a strain!

2015-03-29 21.19.15
Receiving reading glasses

2015-03-29 21.23.25

2015-03-29 21.20.00

Introductions; can’t remember what was so funny
Zorah, introducing himself
A familiar face, Nurse Sam. Good to have him back during his holidays.
Christine, a young lady we are training
Annet: she is proving herself to be a gem
Our beloved Lucy

Jacob started off the sessions with opening remarks, introductions, announcements and a teaching on discipleship.  Then it was a marathon run for Ron who took the next 5 sessions, teaching on the basics of hermeneutics, Jonah and 1 Peter. And, lastly, Jacob did a lesson on the Biblical view of suffering.

Ron Zeiner; took the bulk of the teaching sessions



Teaching on the Biblical view of suffering

2015-04-01 17.21.03

For the first time, we had a whole session on agriculture.  As I mentioned earlier, RAU, in partnership with M.A.R.S. (Missionary Agriculture Resource Services) which is founded by Doug Neel (who came with Ron and Mark about a year ago), started a pilot program which will benefit the pastors, their families and their congregations.  Apiku Emmanuel (Emma)  responsibility  will be to not only educate the pastors (and for now we are starting with the pastors in the Metu Mountain region), but to follow up with them and their agricultural projects.  He will help them make the most out of their current crops as well as inspire them for future projects which can become good income generators for both them and members of their congregations.

As we have mentioned in past posts, most pastors here are unable to be supported by the tithes and offerings of their congregations so it is imperative that we help them find ways of self-support.  The retreat attendees were expressively happy to receive this kind of help.  We are hoping that all goes well so we can build upon this new beginning.  The goal is that if we teach the pastors how to make the most of their farming abilities they will be able to teach what they have learned to their congregations as well.

2015-04-01 00.44.48
Practical session

2015-04-01 00.46.09

2015-04-01 00.49.27

The Saturday after the retreat was a wonderful Sabbath from the busy-ness of the week.  It was a beautiful day and all of us were able to enjoy rest and fellowship.

The beautiful view to our east


Jacob, Sam and Ron: solving the world’s problems in one fell swoop!


On Sunday, Jacob, Ron, Sam and Zorah headed to Yumbe District to worship with believers (Church of Uganda – Anglican) in a rural village in Yumbe district.  After the service Sam was able to hold a clinic and hand out much needed medications, including de-worming for all the children.  These people live 6 miles from the nearest clinic and there are no motor vehicles for easy transport.  Emergent care is non-existent.  The ladies did not want to let Sam go.   The remainder of the drugs were left with the pastor who, in conjunction with a local nurse, will disburse the medications as needed.  Zorah did a wonderful job of capturing the events of the day and the people.








Nurse Sam getting ready for clinic; Charles is interpreting.
Ron and Jacob, assisting under Nurse Sam’s orders and supervision.



11822483_10204742759224695_2838825347899111742_n (1)

500 de-worming tablets were handed out.
Many, many women and children were served by Sam as they presented their problems and received medications





Church service’s “call to worship



Monday was a day, not only to prepare the facilities for the next Leader’s Retreat, but also for Ron and Jacob to refresh and prepare to teach again as the 15th Retreat was just around the corner.  Normally, we like to space the retreats so as to allow a week in between for recuperating and catching up on correspondence and other matters of business.  However, this time it could not be helped.

Tuesday came around quickly and our leaders arrived from Koboko bright and early for our 15th Leader’s Retreat!

Leaders from Koboko arriving in a rented bus
Warm and joyful greetings all the way around
And the women, too!


Registering and receiving resource bags
The “registration lady“: Me!
Breaking posho together!


Passing out reading glasses to those with the need.


Fervent prayers

Introducing the items in the resource bag



Relaxing between sessions under the mango tree in front of Lydia’s house
The guys: hanging out between sessions


The women always add a lot of color


We pray the “riches of God’s grace” upon this group, that they can go back to their homes and churches energized, filled again with the fullness of the Spirit and joy and ready to entrust to faithful people who will, in turn, teach others whatever they have learned of the Lord through His word.  “The word of God is living and active…!” (Hebrews 4:12)

2nd group staying in Lydia’s house
2015-04-06 18.24.07
Leaders from Koboko, August 2015

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many who gave towards the Aringa New Testament Fund!  We have enough right now to purchase 1375 Bibles!  Praise God! We have surpassed Jacob’s initial goal!  Needless to say, Jacob is thrilled.  We still have about 2 weeks before we pick up the Bibles from Kampala, so if we can raise more money to include even more Aringa NT’s that would be great! According to “men of the soil” less than 1% of the Aringa are born again.

Next week, we will be participating in a conference hosted by Aya Baptist Church.  Ron and Jacob will both do some teaching and I am working on something to share with the women (Gazing into the Mirror of God’s Word:  How a Woman Should See Herself). Emma will also be teaching on agriculture while Sam will take care of medical needs.

On the heels of Ron’s departure will be the arrival of some more dear friends who visited once before: David Jones and Eric Williams (this time Eric will be bringing his wife, Kara – much to my happiness!)  While they are here we will be hosting our 16th Retreat and after they leave we will have yet another retreat in September for Congolese church leaders.  Please be praying for the on-going ministry!

Each and every interaction and ministry outreach underscores the need for a condensed Bible training program.  We see how being solidly grounded in the Word of God will increase the scattering of God’s word to areas which have not received it and will anchor, in Christ, the hearts of those who are strengthened by it!   The plan is to build a two-classroom building and then host 10-12 candidates for pastoral training in our current facilities.  These candidates would be brought here for short periods of time to receive some intensive and condensed training in the word of God and pastoral care.  Upon completion they would be sent back to their homes to serve where there is need.  We ask you to consider this need in your prayers and giving.

Thanks for your very vital partnership in prayer and generous giving and in bringing your gifts and abilities here to used among us.


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