Fourth “Jesus” Dialog with Yumbe Imams and Sheihks


March 2
Our fourth gathering with Yumbe Muslim leaders.

Many thanks to all prayed for our dialog meeting with Imams and Sheikhs in Yumbe town. It was my fourth meeting with them (just one week earlier I had met with Kuru Imams and Sheikhs. Kuru is a sub-district of Yumbe) and, again, they were very hospitable and open to listen to me preach. They listened respectfully and I, in turn, listened respectfully to them. I was then allowed time to follow up with a few last comments. They heard a very clear presentation of the gospel and now I pray they will respond in faith. Please join in my prayer!

We are becoming closer friends.The men at my sides,  in the above picture and two in the first picture below, are two of the top leaders among the Sheikhs and Imams.

The leaders also happily received Bibles, Christian apologetic materials, reading glasses, and medicines. They promised to read their Bibles (Aringa,Arabic and English) and Christian reading materials.

Below are a number of pictures with comments highlighting our time together. Please pray for these Muslim leaders, others I have and have not met with yet, and all the Muslims in and around Yumbe District. Please also pray for us and our Christian brethren that we would be faithful and loving witnesses.

March 25
These are two leading Khards in Yumbe. A Khard is a chosen leader among the Imams and Sheikhs.
March 56
A warm welcome from the County Khard
March 23
Traditional greeting from the Imams and Sheikhs



March 1
Co-worker Samuel
March 66
Co-Worker Zorah
March 15
Co-Worker Charles




































































March 7
What joy to be an ambassador of the Lord!


Giving out of resources

March 46

March 44
Each man received an Arabic New Testament (Blue color), Aringa New Testament (Red color),which is their native tongue,  a ESV Global Study Bible, and Christian-Muslim apologetics materials. Most of the men also were given a pair of reading glasses. They  promised to read and study their Bibles and booklets….Isaiah 55:10-11!

March 40

March 42






















March 49
This young man was the main spokesman for the Imams and Sheikhs. He knows English and the Qur’an well. He is intelligent, kind and friendly. Here he is happily receiving his True Tone ESV Global Study Bible.
March 37
Qur’an, Bible, and apologetic materials all open!


March 54
Each leader also received gospel tracts in English, Aringa, Arabic and Swahili.
March 64
May the Holy Spirit use the Word and the reading materials to draw these Imams and Sheikhs to Isa of the Bible!
March 63
Each leader received one treatment for malaria (Cuartem) and a de-worming treatment.


























March 62
Those who needed reading glasses were tested and fitted with a pair. Instructions were also given on how to use them.


I was given an hour (which I use fully and then some) to give my lesson, Allah’s Korbani Plan of Salvation. Each Imam and Sheikh listened respectfully and intently. Charles did most of the interpreting. I sought to proclaim the gospel of grace biblically ,winsomely, and in love.

March 57

March 32

March 45
Allah’s Korbani Plan of Salvation
March 18
I used Surah 3:42-58 as a bridge to the Bible and the gospel. It was read in Arabic at the beginning of my message.
March 9
I studied much, prayed much, and preached my heart out, pleading in my heart and mind “Holy Spirit, come…reveal the full beauty of Jesus!”

March 12

March 39

March 50

March 10
I gave an invitation  to each Imam and Sheikh to trust alone in Isa’s sacrificial blood and his resurrection from from the dead for their salvation. What an honor to have this opportunity on the Saturday before Easter.


Next, I and the RAU team sat and listened respectfully to their chosen representatives’ responses and exhortations.

March 22
First, the County Khard spoke, drawing attention to Surah 3:55, where, in my message, I highlighted that it was Allah’s plan “to cause Isa to die“. He sought to explain why this was referring to a “future time”.
March 14
The leaders’ main spokesman had much to say on Islam’s understanding of Isa and his mission.
March 13
We listened carefully and took notes.  Each time I meet with these Imams and Sheikhs I come to understand them and Islam better. Lord wiling this can help me be a better witness.
March 11
I was then graciously given some time to respond. I closed by reading Luke 24:44-47, calling upon the Sheikhs and Imams to trust in Jesus alone for salvation. Then I prayed  aloud with uplifted hands and eyes open asking God’s blessing on them.
March 24
The other leading Khard (on the left) then gave some gracious and kind closing statements. Both of these Khards are coming soon to RAU for a visit. Everyone of us are committed to continuing these dialogs. Please intercede for us all!
March 8
After closing, we all had some more good fellowship. I count these men as friends and look forward to spending more time with them as well as other Imams and Sheikhs in neighboring communities. God, in His providence and grace, has opened a beautiful door (Revelation 3:8).

God Bless You!

Jacob Lee


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The greatest evil is having the gospel and not doing everything within our power to get it to those who do not have it. (Jacob Lee)


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