A Blessed Day with Imams and Sheikhs

Kuru Yumbe District Northwestern Uganda
Thank you who prayed for our time with Muslim leaders on Saturday, the 11th. Only heaven can measure the impact of your prayers and our time with devout Muslims.
We had a blessed day with Muslim leaders in nearby Kuru Yumbe District. It was a full day! All the Sheikhs and Imams, as well as others in attendance, received us well and treated us hospitably. We met in an office building near Kuru’s main Mosque. This is my second meeting with Kuru Sheikhs and Imams. Our friendship has been growing as they have come to trust me. I am confident that the Lord has many who are His in Kuru (compare: Acts 18:9). We will continue to proclaim the glorious gospel there as long as the Lord enables us.
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Once we were settled, I shared a brief word of encouragement after Preston and Laurel, Carol, Mindra, Emma and Charles introduced themselves. Sadly, Preston and Laurel Sink, from Florida,  had to leave midday. It was very hard to see them go as we had such sweet fellowship with and encouragement from them.
Carol spending a break outside with the children
Those in attendance received reading glasses, Bibles in three languages (Arabic, Aringa, and English), Christian-Muslim apologetic materials, and a  agricultural lesson from Emma! During his teaching we received a heavy down pour of rain so much so that we had to wait for it to get quiet as we were under a tin roof. When it stopped raining Emma asked me in front of everyone who sent the rain (keep in mind they are in the midst of a drought). I said loudly and confidently “Isa”! The response was mixed :-).
Emma also shared how to prepare  the soybeans which we had brought for eating. We left them with the responsibility to divide the 200 kilograms of the  RAU grown soybeans.
Lastly, Carol and I were given some time for closing comments. We both emphasized that we love them. I went on and told them it is my prayer that Isa would reveal Himself to them through His Word and through dreams and visions.
We hope to get another newsletter out soon highlighting all of our activities with Preston and Laurel Sink the 10 days they were with us.
In Jesus Sovereign and Loving Grip,
Jacob (Carol) Lee

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