From Every People, Nation, Tribe and Tongue: The Aringa

“From Every People, Nation, Tribe and Tongue:  The Aringa”

Open air

On Sunday, July 26th, Mindra, Zorah and I traveled to Yumbe and met up with Charles and the Youth/Choir from Pilgrim’s Church of Uganda.  Charles had written earlier in the week to say he had received an invitation from Muslims in Kulikulinga to come and preach the Gospel in their market place.  That was an invitation not to be turned down!  It was an experience not to be forgotten, either!  We, along with Charles and Pilgrim Church, had a fruitful and blessed time of ministry in this rural Yumbe District community and it was very evident that many intercessors heeded my urgent plea to fervently pray.

Leaving RAU
The Youth of Pilgrim’s Church: there were 18 of us inside the vehicle, along with equipment on laps and on the rack! Despite the overcrowding, there was spirited singing from start to finish!
It’s a good thing the Land Cruiser is built like a tank!

When we arrived we found we had been pushed to the edge of the center, which was not acceptable to us. The Lord blessed our efforts for a location change and gave us a great spot in the middle of Kulikulinga trading center for the open air preaching. This put us nearer to the Mosque and to a more busy spot. The Kulikulinga Mosque is huge and there are very few Jesus-followers in the community. There has to be a lot of outside money coming in to build such a  large Mosque in Kulikulinga.

Kulikulinga Mosque
One-on-one throughout Kulikulinga



We helped the elderly man to my right receive an immediate injection for typhoid as well as ones for next four days.

The one-on-one we did before the open air went well, for the most, part with the Muslims. We used Aringa and Arabic gospel tracts in our interaction. Surprisingly, I met one of the Imams from our past two dialogues with Yumbe Imams and Sheikhs. The Lord used that “per chance” meeting to cause hesitant Muslims to listen to us! We invited each and everyone to attend the preaching later in the afternoon.

Gathering crowd for open air preaching
A few of the believers worshiping with the choir from Pilgrims


Preaching with passion

My text was from Mark 2:1-12 and it was proclaimed from a top the Land Cruiser. I used a number of Qur’anic texts to bridge into the Scriptures. Anything I had to say could not have had an impact apart from the help of a skillful interpreter and Charles did a most excellent job in interpreting. Those listening were well engaged in the message and all of us, as believers in Christ, sensed the presence of the Lord.

Jesus film
Crowd at the showing of the Jesus Film. The picture doesn’t even capture well the number of people who came to watch.

Afterwards, we showed the Jesus” film for the first time in such a public setting in the native Aringa language…I still have chills as I think back to the very large crowd (estimated at 500+) that watched and listened attentively and interactively, (i.e. clapping, gasping, etc.). The Jesus film in the native tongue has been an effective tool in enabling people to have a clearer picture of who Jesus was (in history) and is. Thank you for your faithful intercession!!! According to Charles and other Aringa believers, less than 1% of Aringas are Christ-followers but the Lord is changing that!  He stated that this open air was the best ever he has been a part of.

Please continue in prayer that the Word planted in hearts would bear fruit! We gave out all the Aringa New Testaments we had with us.  We could have given 100 or more as the people wanted to be able to read the scriptures in their own tongue.

The Aringa New Testament, first published last June, 2014.  I had a profound sadness in not being able to give a New Testament to all the Muslims seekers who asked for one (one being the Assistant Imam of the local Mosque.) We had given out all that we had.
John 3
A portion of John 3 in the Aringa New Testament

I am making an impassioned plea for help in buying more Aringa New Testaments Hebrews 4:12 states, “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.”   It is powerful and there is no substitute to getting the Bible into the hands of people to be read.  If you would like to help us buy more Aringa New Testaments (we have to buy them in Kampala) you can help via our donation page: Please make a notation the gift is for Aringa New Testament’s. Thank you!
May the Lord continue to make Himself known to the Aringa!

Jacob Lee





For those who have asked, small packages and letters may safely be sent to:

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The greatest evil is having the gospel and not doing everything within our  power to get it to those who do not have it. May the Lord grant each of us His followers the wherewithal to be obedient disciples!  Jacob W. Lee

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  1. Haddad, Daphne

    I read all your updates, Jacob, and regularly thank God for you, your wife, and all your associates there. I’m amazed by the doors He has opened for you to share the good news of the gospel with Muslims. I just made a donation towards Aringa New Testaments, to make my thanksgiving to God a bit more concrete.

    Maybe you heard about the young man, 24 years old, who shot up two military recruitment offices in Chattanooga just over a week ago, killing five military personnel (the youngest of them only 21) until police shot and killed him. He grew up here in a conservative (but troubled – the wife had temporarily filed for divorce a few years ago because of her husband’s physical abuse) Muslim home, Jordanian by origin, graduated from a local high school and got an engineering degree from UTenn at Chattanooga. In April he was arrested for DUI, and there is some history of substance abuse, too. It seems to me that he found no hope, no power for change or redeemed identity, no good news, only growing shame at his inability to live by the rules of his religion. So very sad, happening here surrounded by opportunities to hear good news. But he’s one of many, many more in our world who are only a hairsbreadth away from thinking violence can redeem them.

    Grateful to God for you, your wife, and all your colleagues there, Daphne

    1. Thank you so very much Daphne! Yes I heard. It is indeed sad and true that he found no hope in his religion. Only Jesus of the Bible can give such hope. We are hearing more and more state here that they want to know more about “this Jesus”. PTL! Thank you for your gift, it will enable us to buy 45 Aringa New Testaments! God Bless you!

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